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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. How has it taken 6 years and 3 versions for me to finally actually play Skyrim properly and not give up?

    Switch ha handheld mode powers
  2. I have a great computer and a copy of the game on it but...I still haven't touched it and know I only will when I buy it for the Switch ddd
  3. I just started Skyrim for Switch. I love this game, but it's soooo ugly, especially compared to BotW.

    Cannot wait for the next big adventure game for Switch. Hoping it comes this year!
  4. Darkest Dungeon, which is one of this gen's best indie games, is coming to the Switch next week. I suggest you Switcheroos keep an eye out for it, because it's really good.
  5. I finally tried Skyrim after years of putting it off and it just...isn't my sort of game.
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  6. Skyrim is sickening and y'all just can't take teebs.
  7. Playing Skyrim on any platform other than PC is a choice.. I would not play it without my baratitty mod~
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  8. Skyrim is very engaging and immersive, but there's no denying the gameplay is terrible.
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  9. I’m hopping on a flight tomorrow and I think I left my DS game stash on the last one... welp there goes 50+ games. Absolutely gutted.

    Whew if it turns up around the house but I’m getting flashbacks that ain’t the case.
  10. Can't you contact the company/airport and see if they have it? I would really hate if something like that happened to me.
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  11. I don’t tend to play it often to be honest, this was like 4-5 months back so I doubt they’ll still have anything on hand, I’d like to think I’d have noticed earlier but I wouldn’t put it past me, heh. If it doesn’t turn up it gives me an excuse to go game shopping again anyway!
  12. Oh, thought you were saying you lost the games like yesterday or earlier today. Still, they might still have them.
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  13. This is my nightmare. I worry about losing games in bulk any time I pack up those little plastic game containers that come with the Switch cases.

    Good luck!
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  14. I’ve started playing Mario and Rabbids again, after abandoning it for a while due to a jump in difficulty, and it really is a great game.

    Bayonetta, Hyrule Warriors and Mario Tennis should keep me busy for a while as well.

    I wonder what Nintendo are brewing for late-2018 going in to 2019...
  15. MOTHER

  16. -Ron Howard voice- They didn't.
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  17. remember when i bought a 3ds at launch for animal crossing and it took them like three fucking years to release animal crossing

    because i do
  18. I'm still loving New Leaf so much, I'm such a stan even Happy Home Designer is enjoyable.
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  19. I remember torturing myself by watching YouTube videos of the Japanese game for about 3 years oh my god.

    I have since put 800 hours into that game, dear god help me. A fancy switch version with full HHD interiors and amiibo cards to pick my villagers will kill me off...
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  20. I was perusing eBay for amiibos since the prices will jump up with the next game, but Coco cards are still like $30 nn
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