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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Dddd. Okay then Ms. Nintendo you really came that way, I’ll buy a Switch just for Smash Bros.
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  2. Sakurai, who's led development on all the other games, says he's been working on the Switch game in silence.

    Probably a good sign it's a new Smash, then, and not a simple port. Or it's at least a decent-sized overhaul.
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  3. Still not being moved enough to get a Switch yet

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  4. Honestly, just have Bayonetta in it from the jump and you have my coin.

    Also they should have a playable character who uses all of the Nintendo Switch's cardboard stuff. Game n Watch is quaking!
  5. They’re always spoiled for choice with characters. Especially considering the Switch is super hot property right now.

    Definite inclusions;

    Splatoon Girl/Boy
    Arms Fighter
    Link (updated with Sheikah tech, champion ultimate)
    Xenoblade Character


    Prof. Layton / girl Layton
    Crash Bandicoot
    Luigi (Updated with Vacuum)
    Mario (Updated with Cappy/Cap attack)
    Captain Toad
    Shovel Knight

    New Donk City and Great Plateau are pretty much necessary locations.
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  6. But they've already released some of the highest rated games ever, it has big Nintendo titles on it and coming our way, and there's clearly more 3rd party interest than ever before... So what would it even take to convince you?
  7. A new Animal Crossing if we're being honest.
  8. Well it's not like you don't know that's coming at some point!
  9. whoo buddy Poor Xenoblade and Bayonetta and the precious indies I bought last night cause I am so goddamn hype for Splatfest.
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  10. Not Birdo being replaced by FUCKING TOADETTE in Mario Tennis, I can’t.

    I’m pretty annoyed that Nintendo refuses to let the 3DS die, Luigi’s Mansion should’ve been on the Switch for fucks sake.
  11. Well, most of the Switch's third party games are just ports of games already available on other consoles, so that side of things isn't particularly appealing.
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  12. The true test will be seeing what upcoming multi-platform games in 2019/2020 make it to the Switch at the same time as the Xbox/PS4 counterparts.
  13. I understand the "ports of other systems games" complaints but literally you can take them with you now quite frankly...-cough- changing the game. (I'm sorry)
  14. Right. There are honestly so many games I want on Switch now that I'd otherwise buy on PS4. (Latest example: Really want DragonQuest Builders.)
  15. All I want are: Pikmin, Animal Crossing, and Story of Seasons.
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  16. I'm still trying to understand the whole Story of Seasons/Harvest Moon situation.

    I started off playing Harvest Moon years ago on the PS2, but is Story of Seasons the better franchise now, or is it the same game just with a new title?
  17. They rebranded the series from Harvest Moon to Story of Seasons with like the fourth 3DS release and it's been that way ever since, but I haven't played any of the newest entries.
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  18. It’s not a simple ‘rebranding’. Story of Seasons is by the American division, Natsume is involved with Harvest Moon.

    Both are still active, but as Natsume owns the right to Harvest Moon as a title - Marvellous had to rebrand.
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  19. @Lost Boy is right but all you really need to know @papatrick is that anything with Harvest Moon in the title now is trash, while the Story of Seasons games remain good-to-great, with Trio of Towns being near-excellent.
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  20. Basically, the Harvest Moon series is called "Bokujō Monogatari" in Japan, and the latest two games in that series are Story of Seasons and Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. The latest "Harvest Moon" games we got in the West are just ripoffs made by a completely different team.
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