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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I haven’t done that yet! Only
    returned to the realm travel room. I suppose I better make returning home one of the first things I do then
  2. Yes you do! Enjoy.
  3. I think both Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy have a big gay fanbase, but it's still only a small part of the whole fanbase, not the majority of it.
  4. Yeah, I guess that's what I was getting at. I know it's not a dominant part of the fanbase (with the millions those games sell, the math wouldn't add up), but Kingdom Hearts and especially Final Fantasy seem to have very active gay fans in their community. The same-sex marriage incorporation in Final Fantasy XIV comes to mind as an example of why I think Square-Enix is fairly aware of this.

    Anyway, this is all helpful! Many thanks.
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  5. Actually, now that you mention XIV, I used to be part of one of the biggest free companies in the Shiva server, and the amount of LGBT people both in the free company and in the server was really significative. And I never saw anyone be homophobic either. It was really impressive.
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  6. On Cactuar we have TONS of RPDR characters at endgame too XD
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  7. I was so shook throughout the entire thing. I loved it.
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  8. I was listening to a Kingdom Hearts podcast react to a "favourite KH characters" poll Square-Enix had put out. The hosts were like "People voted for Maleficent? How strange!" and I remembered "oh yeah... straight people play these games too."
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  9. If Nintendo collectively forgot the NES and all its games existed I’d be fine with that.
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  10. He


    NES games... Where are the GameCube games, Nintendo?
  11. Beyond the NES games, doesn't sound like they're adding much more to what's already there? Hard to be bothered, because it's so cheap, but I was hoping they'd revamp their voice chat or something.
  12. Gonna bet that Smash Bros is dropping in September to line up with online play. That'd be genius.
  13. I mean it sounds like they're retiring the name, not the concept, they released Vs. Super Mario Bros as a standalone title, so I don't think they're that opposed to putting old titles on there. Though they probably know they can sell most GC titles at retail. It'll be cool if they're trying to implement these online features in games outside of the NES titles but I shouldn't get my hopes up.
  14. For sure. The last Smash also released in September. (The 3DS one did, anyway.)
  15. This needs to happen, but it won't because all my dreams are crushed eventually.
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  16. I really wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo decided to make their vault only available through the console minis they'll release. N64 should be up next, followed by the Gamecube so here's hoping.
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  17. Like, honestly whatever, they can do what they want concerning their old games, but give us something more. Let me eat my words at E3. Announce another Classic Edition of N64 or some shit. Like we know the Gamecube and Wii games can play on the Nvidia Shield that uses the same tech as the Switch in China. Do something, Nintendo.

    You don't have Smash until Q4 and I don't see Pokemon being Q4 this year although, sure, please let me be wrong, I want to give you money to buy games on the Switch. A lot of people do, I think! But come on. Microsoft can get this shit down, so can you.

    Addendum to this: This is a good way to come at the issue.
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  18. I really hope E3 will give us a big surprise. Give me an open-world Ocarina of Time remake. Give me a remaster of Super Mario 64 that feels fresh and new. Give me an Eternal Darkness remaster. Give me a Wind Waker BOTW style game. Give me something to hold onto Kween Nintendo!

    I'm sure they have a big surprise or two up their sleeve for E3 because Smash Bros. will just not cut it. I'm excited to see where they take their legacy next. BOTW and Odyssey were such huge landmarks for their respective franchises and I can't imagine where they will take things next, but they really should create a new thunderstorm of excitement in the gaming landscape. It doesn't have to be brand new iterations of their franchises, but it needs to be something exciting.

    It was such a surprise to have 2 Metroid games announced--one of them already released by now--last year. It's really hard to predict what they've got up their sleeve.
  19. Seeing anything from Prime 4, Pokemon, Animal Crossing or Bayonetta 3 will be enough to get me into a frenzy.
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