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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. What I need from E3 is for FFXVI and Dragon Age 4 to be revealed. Granted FFXVI isn't realistic at all but DA4 could happen.
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  2. I'll be happy with Animal Crossing news. But I'd be over the moon if we got new Ace Attorney and Tales of details.
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  3. Same, but that's probably more likely to happen at TGS rather than E3.
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  4. I'll be ready to be enter the spirit world if Animal Crossing for Switch is going to be announced.
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  5. I do not need an Ocarina remake, just uprez the 3DS one please and stick Majora's Mask with it for 40 dollars thanks nintendo.
  6. But I DO need an Animal Crossing, thank you very much.
  7. I forgot how fucking difficult Tropical Freeze is.
  8. I ended up not buying it because I didn't want to subject myself to the banana-flavored hell that is the Donkey Kong series. Yes, it's a fun hell, but is it worth the price of my dignity??
  9. that game put me through it...............SO frustrating! But it has its high moments
  10. Late to the party but finished the Octopath Traveller demo and absolutely loved it, the battle system is very Bravely Default which opens up so many different strategies.

    Argos are listing the Octopath Traveller Compendium Edition on Nintendo Switch for £31.99. Obviously a mistake and no idea if they honour the price when they find out, but seeing as it’s £95 on Amazon and £80 at Nintendo, might be worth a try?
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  12. I picked up Tropical Freeze and Sonic Forces at decent prices while I’m waiting for Hyrule Warriors and have actually found th really enjoyable.

    I’m only expecting news on Smash Bros at E3.
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  13. Damn...too bad they don't ship overseas. Ugh.
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  14. Went further into Dorian's back-story over the weekend and wow those were some powerful scenes, especially when my Inquisitor tells him he's brave and the look on face that she'd say something like that and then the "Dorian greatly approves" message. He's definitely become one of my better friends in the game.

    He's right up there with Cassandra and I decided to get with Josephine because I just felt like the flirtation between the two felt more natural and romantic.
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  15. Bro sentence incoming:

    I can't stop playing PUBG on my phone.
  16. Just reading back through and seeing what y'all have said about the new God of War has piqued my interest in it a bit. Perhaps I shall make a purchase.
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  17. Replaying Beyond: Two Souls, as it's on PS Plus, made me realise how much I prefer Heavy Rain over it. Let's hope Detroit: Become Human manages to be better.
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  19. The rumoured roster for Mortal Kombat 11 - so far.

    • Kano
    • Li Mei
    • Noob Saibot
    • Bo Rai Cho
    • Johnny Cage
    • Shang Tsung
    • Jade
    • Daegon
    • Cassie Cage
    • Jacqui Briggs
    • Frost
    • Kenshi
    • Kotal Kahn
    • Jax
    • Salina (a dream goddess who can summon objects out of nowhere)
    • Dominic (Kano's son)
    • Onaga
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