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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. LiK


    No you don't have to. But playing God of War 3 before actually helps to fill in some of the references and some characters from previous games do appear, so it helps.
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  3. It'll likely be a remaster of 3 with console mod support etc?
  4. They seriously need to dump the engine they've used for the past forever for the games. I try not to fall in too deep but the graphics and animations were truly terrible for Fallout 4. Perhaps I just never noticed as much with previous games but now that the tech is there for a game to offer great graphics, good animations, a huge map, and streamlined gameplay I just expect more especially with a franchise like Fallout?

  5. Kotaku are reporting that as far as they can tell it's an online game of some sort. Welp.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. But is it going to be a MMO, a battle royale or a battle royale MMO? Either way they can keep it.
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  8. A battle royale with players having to scavenge for loot in a shrinking battlefield? I'd never have believed it. That's why these guys get paid the big bucks.
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  9. Trying to capitalize on Fortnite's popularity I bet. None of the game developers get as rich as Ninja gets streaming Fortnite on Twitch though.
  10. Been playing some GoldenEye 007 lately.
    The game never ages for me.
    I mean, it does in graphics and what not.
    But it's still such a fun ass game to play.
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  11. I'm holding out buying any more games 'til E3. I really hope Nintendo has a good surprise that will be available right away on the eShop but it probably won't happen.

    Still hoping for good sales.
  12. Good sales. Nintendo.

  13. I suspect the Splatoon DLC might be the surprise?
  14. I don't really know what I'm expecting/hoping for at E3 now that Pokémon and Fallout have been announced. Some more Kingdom Hearts III footage and a release date of course, and hopefully some news on the VII Remake, but at this point I wouldn't be surprised if they ignored that completely and revealed the logo for Final Fantasy XVI coming 2019 2021 2022 instead.

  15. Dragon. Age. 4. (And the new Sonic racing game).
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  16. Oh that'd be nice, just as I finish Inquisition.

    I was scrolling the 'video games in 2018' wiki page yesterday and the list looked dire. I need something good to look forward to for Xbox.
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  17. Honestly I'll just be content with the Smash news we are getting at E3. Also if they even breathe a word about Bayonetta 3 I will consider it a success.
  18. Bayonetta 3, Animal Crossing and anything about Metroid 4 pllleaaaase!
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