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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Apparently the next Assassin's Creed game is called Odyssey, takes place in Greece, has dialogue choices and gives you the option to pick a male or female character. Sounds pretty promising!
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  2. Honestly the only way they'd get me to play, teebs.
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  3. The new features are actually giving me BioWare vibes. It'd be great if you could customise your character's appearance too.
  5. I HONESTLY will also take any number of Wii HD ports with the Metroid Prime series, Xenoblade 1 or the Zelda HD games.
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  6. RJF


    I would take Twilight Princess and Wind Waker in a heartbeat.

    I don't even know what I want from E3 for the Switch. I thought I wanted Pokémon but it turns out I didn't. Golden Sun 4 or bust I guess. Oh, and Smash.
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  7. I KNOW I'd have to suffer with them selling then separately and at 60 bucks a pop but I am down, Nintendo.
  8. I can't be the only one who finds Twilight Princess pretty meh.

    Now Wind Waker, I can certainly get behind.
  9. Smash is the only thing confirmed for Nintendo’s E3, right? There will be a playable demo there if I read correctly. Hopefully we see more than just the Inklings in terms of new characters, but either way it’s exciting!
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  10. Yeah, Twilight Princess is meh. I wouldn't mind a Skyward Sword remaster but that's also not really one of the best Zelda games. I would love a new-but-old-school top-down Zelda like A Link Between Two Worlds.

    A HD port of Super Mario Sunshine would also be nice. The Gamecube had so many good games that deserve a remaster and I really don't want Nintendo to waste them all on the 3DS.
  11. RJF


    I would buy Skies of Arcadia HD in a fucking heartBEAT!!!!!! yes i would precious oh yes i would.
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  12. Super Mario Sunshine is so underrated. God, the Gamecube was really a peak in Nintendo history.
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  13. GameCube is one Nintendo’s finest creations, teebs. An immaculate library of games. What a shame it flopped in comparison to the PS2 and Xbox.
  14. The Gamecube was Nintendo figuring out what worked so well on N64, and then doubling down. Glorious.

    Also, I think part of it was that we still had huge graphical leaps back then. That definitely made an impact for me.
  15. Collecting all the fucking chams to evolve cupil over and over again.
    But would I do it all over again? Yas.
  16. Twilight Princess has some of the most wonderful Zelda dungeons ever. And the best sidekick character in Midna. Hyrule field itself and Kakariko Village were a bit shit, but everything else was on point.

    Wind Waker is a joy to play but the sailing is unfortunately so dull.

    Skyward Sword I dislike more and more as time passes.
  17. I think Odyssey DLC is on lock.

    Fire Emblem will make an appearance. Whatever Retro Studios' has been working on, 2D Mario announcement, Yoshi. I'd half expect Pikmin 4.

    I think at least one major third party title will be announced.
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  18. I think the big reasons we're getting Luigi on 3DS is because the assets were already there from Dark Moon, but I'm desperately hoping that they'll announce something this E3. It would be such a boon.
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  20. I would love for Nintendo to release an All Star RPG game.
    Like a handful of classic Heroes from trademark Nintendo games. They all ban together to save 'Nintendo' from the villains, (or a new main villain).
    The game consists of you playing as any of the characters and you're traveling back in time and going through classic levels on famous games.
    For instance:
    Play as Mario or Kirby and you're traversing through Hyrule Field of Ocarina of Time to complete a mission to obtain something.

    Or you're Link and you're in a Super Mario 64 level like, Bob-omb battlefield.

    It's like the perfect game for single player, or multiplayer co operation adventure!
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