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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Can Fortnite die already
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  2. There's this whole other world of gaming that I'll never get into or understand, and Fortnite is a part of that.
  3. You know what would be cute? Brand new installments of Donkey Kong and Paper Mario.
  4. You know what would be cuter? A NEW FUCKING ANIMAL CROSSING!!1!
  5. It's all I'm asking for.
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  6. Fortnite is fine and fun and I'd much rather kids play that over more violent shooters
  7. Really hoping Sony shows off some actual MediEvil remake footage
  8. Maxi next to be confirmed for Soul Calibur 6.

    He's also rumored to be gay in this reboot.
  9. Last night I played the Assassin’s Creed: Origins mission The Crocodile’s Scales, and
    the part where you have to swim underwater and free the child (who was still clutching her doll) from her watery grave
    knocked the wind out of me from the sheer brutality of it all.
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  10. I had all emotion later ruined for me with this arc when

    My other half started singing Video Games during Berenike's assassination cut scene and teebs, she was an evil monster but with the hair flowers and crocodiles her BTD era Lana Del Rey cosplay was on point!

    Speaking of AC:

    Back to yearly releases? As long as it's anywhere near as good as Origins I'm kind of OK with that. The 2 year break ('remasters' aside) followed by Origins completely obliterated my fatigue with the series and I'm happy for more.
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  11. [​IMG]

    Give me a TTYD remake, or just at least get rid of those bloody stickers.
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  12. Someone tell him we already knew. I wonder if we’ll get Seung Mina, she was a fave of mine.
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  13. He's rumoured to be gay?

    Anyway, Yoshimitsu was also confirmed a while ago. Can't wait for this game. And for Talim to be revealed already.
  14. My heart
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  15. I forgot how addictive I found Mario Tennis.
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  16. I just played for several hours but can’t win a fucking tournament!
  17. I was diabolical to begin with but am gradually actually starting to win some matches (playing as Peach, of course.)
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  18. Anybody just so bloody excited for Jurassic World Evolution?!!!
  19. Paper Mario is quite literally one of my favorite video games EVER. You shut your WHORE MOUTH.

    No but yes, only the first two installments are good. The sticker one and the one with Mario & Luigi look like pieces of shit.
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  20. Super Paper Mario is pretty amazing once you accept it for what it is.
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