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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Apparently some switch game release dates have been leaked on

    DaemonXMachina - 24th May
    Luigi mansion 3 - 19th July
    Animal Crossing - 13th September

    Urgh I don’t wanna wait that long for AC if it’s true!
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  2. Eh. I'm not even sure Nintendo knows when some of these games are coming out yet. Grain of salt.
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  3. Hearsay from Japanese Nintendo business twitter says that Nintendo is committed to every 2019 game coming out 2019 so hopefully that sticks. Daemon looks good too teebs.
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  5. I was highkey expecting Animal Crossing to drop in December for those Christmas sales, so I'll take this!
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  6. I'm not too mad about a September Animal Crossing release either.

    I wish we'd get a trailer soon, though. I'd love to know a bit more about the new features we'll hopefully be getting.
  7. I’m excited for Luigi’s Mansion on the off-chance that we get gorgeous green Joycons like the nice deep red ones for Mario Odyssey.
    I’m too chickenshit to actually play the game though ddd.
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  8. I didn't even realise we had an Anicmal Crossing release date!
  9. I just hope Luigi's Mansion 3 is better than Dark Moon. Dark Moon was such a frustrating game to play. I hope the next one is a bit more open world.
  10. Is anyone else playing Wargroove? I was a big fan of both Advance Wars games on the DS, so this was one of my most anticipated games. Haven't had a ton of time to sink into it (especially as I'm making slow progress in Vesperia still), but it's more or less met my hype so far. It's unique in that the towns can attack and require you to actually be strategic about what units you send to attack/capture them, and also has freestanding COs--which Days of Ruin sort of toyed with but never committed to this greatly. The story is kind of silly but the presentation is charming, and it's really more about the scenarios anyway. And the extra content is almost overwhelming; you can not only play battles online, but make and share maps that have their own scenarios and branching paths. Crazy amount of replay value. (For $20, which was surprisingly cheap.)

    I do wish they'd allow saves during the battles, but that feature is more or less absent from any strategy game like this, so it's not surprising. Other complaints I have seem to be being addressed in an update.

    Anyway, even if you've never played Advance Wars, I'd recommend this if you've played Fire Emblem and liked it. It's Fire Emblem meets Age of Empires, if you want to think of it that way--no RPG elements, but instead you build units from your base structure.

    Switch code for anyone who hasn't added me: 6501-7962-1029. Would love to battle someone.
  11. She bought Tropical Freeze and man, it is fun!
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  12. Because I know I'll get new original games announced, I hope any ports announced are Tokyo Mirage Sessions, the MP Trilogy and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me Xenoblade 1 HD Nintendo, I know you'll do XCX (its charli baby) first but give me this at some point so I can have that world in HD.
  13. I love Spyro but it would feel weird playing it on anything but Playstation.
  14. I don’t have a PlayStation so this is great news for me!
  15. It's ridiculous how everything is leaking before the Direct. Now Ubisoft have listed the Assassin's Creed III Remaster as coming to Switch on their website. (This after the cover art already leaked on another website.) Announce the damn Direct already, Nintendo.

    If everything turns out to be true I'm quite excited. It would be fun to see some Luigi's Mansion 3 and Animal Crossing footage.

    EDIT: Also, what's this rumour of a new 2D Zelda happening? It better not be for the 3DS if true.
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  16. It was for Switch, I think the same rumour also had Pikmin 3 port and Mario Maker 2.

    I’m pretty sure they last game for the 3DS will be Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn.

    There is supposed to be 11 unannounced Nintendo games for 2019 release, so if true merging their teams together and dropping 3DS was a great move.
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  17. The possibility of new 3DS games being announced in 2019.

  18. I got into Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE over the weekend, and my wig is gone. It really feels like Persona 5 but made for the Popjustice hunties.

    I think it'd be a little clunky of a Switch port due to some of the usage of the Wii U gamepad, but it definitely should still happen.
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