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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Nintendo acknowledged in their financial report that 3DS sales slowed faster than they'd have liked. And the latest software release (the bizarre re-release of Bowser's Inside Story, which you can already play on 3DS with backwards compatibility) sold abysmally.

    I think they'll trot out whatever 3DS games they had left in development and then put the system to pasture, while announcing a mini Switch soon after.
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  2. It's so strange to release a new portable system and then decry in a business report that it's slowing the sales of your other portable system faster than you would've liked.

    Anyway, the 3DS had a pretty amazing run all things considered. Very excited for Persona Q2 later this summer as a JRPG swansong for it.

  4. Well thank fuck for that! Now let’s get all these release dates confirmed! Animal Crossing here we come!
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  5. I hope we’ll get Persona 5.

    Also, yay for no 3DS!
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  7. In other news, Capcom has basically added their entire discography to Spotify (at least for us Europeans, seems to be unavailable in the US for now).

    Search for "Capcom Sound Team" and you'll find all their albums.

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  8. [​IMG]
  9. I'm kinda shook, even Haunting Ground is on there!
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  10. Please give us footage of Animal Crossing. I’ve lost hope on Bayonetta 3 and imagine they’ll save any big trailers for that until E3, but we need to see Animal Crossing!
  11. I've said this before, but I hope we'll still be a mayor in the new Animal Crossing. I need to be able to customise my town to its maximum. If that fails, I'd love there to be paid jobs. I'd love to work in, say, Brewster's café or the museum. Maybe my expectations are too high already.
  12. At the very very least I want to choose where the villagers houses actually get put! I think Happy Home Designer, Pocket Camp and that terrible board game were all tech demos and testers for the real deal, I'm hopeful we will get everything and more. They are putting so much stuff into Pocket Camp constantly, the item count must be through the roof!
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  13. Yes. This would be essential. I only want the best animals living next to me, thanks.

    I'd love a bigger say about what the town looks like in general. Instead of having to choose from a certain amount of pre-made town maps, I wanna be able to design the town from scratch. I wanna be able to create paths without having to spend four hours painstakingly putting down tiles.
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  14. Have any of y'all tried Apex Legends yet? I downloaded it but the damn thing kept crashing so I only got in one round but I was entertained. It looks like an upscale version of Fortnite and I like that there are different options for your character's role.
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  15. Finally a Nintendo Direct that I'll be awake for ddd

    Cautiously perched for Fire Emblem info and footage. Hope they don't fuck up the story again.
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  16. It's taken me practically a year just to finish Tales of Zestiria because I'm apparently an adult now but wow, this song.

    Not a JRPG I got for 10$ taking me to church.
  17. I never bought Zestiria because it looked janky as hell. Is it any good?
  18. It's alright, but it's really not as good as the other modern Tales games (Vesperia, Graces f, Xillia, Xillia 2 and Berseria). The combat and characters are great, but it feels kind of rushed and some of the systems are really opaque - good luck making sense of how skills work.
  19. I would say it depends what you're looking for. The game has very deep combat, to the point that I was having to regularly check a wiki to understand how various systems work and how to correctly set up combos, blast gauges, etc. The same goes for the equipment fusion system which allows for some fairly crazy customization (if you're willing to put the work in). If you like really meaty RPG mechanics then Zestiria lets you pour easily hundreds of hours into that aspect of it.

    The story is mediocre but the main cast is very charming. You experience "skits" as you travel around, where the party will stop to talk about things you've discovered. There are hundreds of these skits and some of them are very entertaining.

    just an example of how the skits work

    The music is pretty exceptional. Overall as a non-Tales fan I've enjoyed it a lot. I'm excited to play Berseria next as everyone says it's a much better game.
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  20. I played a few hours of Zestiria and quickly gave up on it. The characters all felt flat to me. But, its apparent connection to Berseria does make me want to go back at some point.

    Vespiria, meanwhile, is starting to try my patience. I'm 17 hours in and I feel like this plot still hasn't gone anywhere. (And side note: The Switch version kind of chugs? Even in docked mode the world map and some towns really slow down.)
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