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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ray, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Ray


    "You may have meant to search for Georgie Michale."

    No, actually not really.

    There seems to be no GM General Discussion thread. And as we all know, unfortunately, he's been very active on twitter, and recording covers for Will & Kate, and autotuning the hell out of New Order classics, so there is stuff to discuss.

    What song is he autotuning now you think? Tweets like "SKY news accurate as ever says I've worked on the song for a month. Two DAYs people, two days. AND ITS GOING TO BREAK YOUR HEART!!!" actually DO break my heart. How good can it possibly be?

    Anybody bought Faith deluxe reissue? Is it worth my money?

    Also, has a non-autotuned version of True Faith leaked by any chance?
  2. He owes his career to David Bowie circa Young Americans. Just like Prince and Station To Station. There, I said it. Now back to George.

    I'm not interested in his 2011 tour (I don't want him to have his own Symphonicity), but I'm quite excited about his new (dance) album and the tour after that. I just hope it's not going to be too Euro, I wouldn't mind having another Precious Box, but I still want him to go full-on electrofunk.

    And Faith deluxe is totally worth it, Ray.
  3. moorje

    moorje Guest

  4. A few things. I have heard a remix of the next George Michael single "Every other lover in the world". The vocals are pretty good - no vocoder at all. Then again, I have to hear the original before I can really comment on how good the song is. Over this past decade, I am not sure how good George Michael has been at producing his upbeat tracks. The production has its moments of brilliance in a song but its consistency doesn't match of the production job on songs like "Fast Love", "Too Funky", and "Outside".

    The new song recorded for Prince William and Kate Middleton is called "You And I". It is nice but by no means earthshattering. George Michael has done some amazing cover versions and this song definitely does not rank in the top 5 cover versions. My picks are:

    a. Victims (never actually recorded though - which is a shame!)
    b. Idol
    c. Edith and the kingpin
    d. For the love of you
    e. Killer/Papa was a rolling stone
  5. Discovering GM was on twitter was the highlight of my year so far. But his tweets have lead me into a slow slide of despair. I think he should stick to posting pics of his dogs and his beautiful Georgian house.
    Couldn't get my head around his New Order cover at all. Didn't like it. Surely he must know this isn't up to his standards?
    I haven't heard the Kate/William track yet, I'm half scared to listen to it to be honest.
  6. Ray



    I listened to George today actually, my best-of playlist in iTunes. There's older and newer tracks; while his albums have ALWAYS been patchy (perhaps except for "Older") he's also always been capable of greatness. Even "Patience" has some amazing songs, like "Precious Box", "Freeek" (yes I love this one) or "John and Elvis Are Dead". Having seen a few documentaries about him I am not sure, however, that he is capable of greatness anymore. I would of course love to hear another amazing GM record, but... if he thinks "Amazing" or "An Easier Affair" is a great single pick, it's unlikely to happen. And for an artist who for a long time refused to tour altogether because he felt people didn't listen to music but just wanted to see the person, he sure tours a lot in the last few years.

    It all feels a bit like Pet Shop Boys announcing a tour with a lead guitarist in it.
  7. Don't let the sun go down on me with Elton John just played on my shuffle, what an amazing, fresh & powerful song that still is!
  8. Ray


    So how is it going with the new stuff? Or is he too busy with his porn star come hairdresser boyfriend to bother with little things?
  9. George is 50 today!
  10. Wow I cant believe he's in his 50's now!! congratz to him.
  11. Well he's finally caught up with his music, which has been middle-aged for the last 20 years hehe....
  12. Apparently George Michael is slated to preview new material this March. I am hoping it is a full album worth of new material and not just a one-off single.
  13. I hope its a return to form, he was amazing at one point.
  14. moorje

    moorje Guest

    I genuinely loved White Light. Give me more George!
  15. hated the intro on White Light though. The rest was just fine. That being said, it was no "Fast Love" or "Outside".
  16. He hasn't done anything decent since Precious Box.

    Jesus that was TEN years ago!

    EDIT: Scratch that. He hasn't done anything FABULOUS since Precious Box. The last decent thing he did was This Is Not Real Love (and I don't mind December Song for one month of the year).
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  17. I like the song Round Here.
  18. Oh George, how did you manage to lose it so dramatically.
  19. moorje

    moorje Guest

    To be fair, he's never exactly been prolific. meant his personal life? least he's stayed in the public eye. Oh dear.
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