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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ray, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. I...

    Faith is a classic pop album, it may not be a masterpiece compared to the next two but it had a lot more consistency and coherence than Patience.
  2. One More Try STERILE?!?!
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  3. I do enjoy controversial opinions, but it's funny to imagine a fairly serious George Michael fan who owns Faith for completeness sake only, as if it were the ugly black sheep of the GM catalogue!
  4. It is, though. Faith is a pretty good album, poorly sequenced, and with a couple of minor clunkers. But better than anything he did post-Older.
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  5. Vas, you normally have spot-on tastes but I'll have to also disagree!

    Father Figure, I Want Your Sex (if it were either 7" mix or complete 12" mix), Hand To Mouth...all 10s. Hard Day also.

    Faith and Kissing A Fool are classy pastiches. Not so much my thing but impressive to most.

    Monkey is better with Jam & Lewis' input (and a 10 in that version).

    Which leaves a bit of a Wham cast-off (Look at Your Hands) and the endlessly plodding One More Try.
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  6. Yep, fraid so. Is it his attempt at a power ballad? I’m not keen on them anyway but as Eric Generic says, it just plods along. And the video’s awful. So dark you can barely see him. Why on Earth have the light coming in behind him?

    Maybe I was a bit harsh on Faith earlier. Sometimes I do go too far if I’m trying to make a point. It’s just not really my thing. The singles I pointed out in my earlier post I do like though.

    What’s most interesting about the Faith era is that he achieved what he wanted to but it made him miserable, to the point that he wanted to remove his image and kill off that era (the setting fire to the leather jacket and jukebox in the Freedom 90 video). I’ve never quite worked out if it was genuine or a publicity stunt, as he returned to making videos for Older.

    He was one big contradiction though. Said he’d never record for Sony again and ended up doing exactly that. Took himself a bit too seriously too.
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  7. I think George realized that he had made his point and that, really, it wasn't helping him -- and it wasn't. It was very frustrating to be a fan in the first half of the '90s after Listen Without Prejudice. People still loved him and wanted more music, making the live version of Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me got to number 1 and then Too Funky from Red, Hot and Dance a hit. We wanted more George music but the issues with Sony, I think, killed the momentum of his career in North America. While Jesus to a Child and Fastlove hit top 10, the Older era lost steam here and his hitmaking in North America pretty much came to an end. Older didn't take off in North America like it did in the UK.

    I didn't realize Faith was such a polarizing album. While I prefer Listen Without Prejudice, Faith is a classic. One More Try sterile?? I can't...
  8. One More Try is a 10 on a bad day. This thread needs to be locked for its libellous...leanings.
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  9. Faith is still my favourite George Michael album. It's literally like a Greatest Hits that album.
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  10. Sterile

    And let’s not forget the great cover by MC

  11. I love the Mariah cover.
  12. Hardly. Libellous means it contains bad and false statements about a person likely to cause damage to their reputation. What I said was not about him at all, just an opinion on one of his songs!

    I’ve just read the lyrics of One More Try and still can’t work out what it’s about. He seems to get all shouty and angst-ridden about nothing.

    Thankfully he calms down for LWP. Cowboys and Angels is perfect in that respect. Describing a situation where he was in love with a man and it wasn’t reciprocated, and at the same time a woman with feelings for him that he couldn’t return. I love that song.
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  13. @Alan I'm taking the piss babe.

    If anything, this thread should be locked for Heal the Pain not being number one for three weeks.
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  14. What I remember from that time was that they released singles in very quick succession, so it was almost a case of “already?”

    Praying For Time - 13 Aug 1990, no. 6
    Waiting For That Day - 15 Oct 1990, no. 23
    Freedom 90 - 3 Dec 1990, no. 28
    Heal The Pain - 4 Feb 1991, no. 31
    Cowboys and Angels - 18 Mar 1991, no 45

    Each did less well than the previous one, so it’s surprising Sony even released the last two singles. Earlier in the release schedule, they might have done better. Not sure Waiting For That Day quite worked as a single, though did have that short footage of him singing it, which kept TOTP happy.
  15. The UK chart peaks for the LWP singles run are still so alarming. I get there were the promo issues and the album sold by the bucketload, but it's still so odd to see for a star as huge as George, especially coming off the back of an era as huge as Faith. I mean, a song like Freedom 90 not even making the top 20! Ridiculous.

    Did the album continue to sell well the entire time, or did it pick up after a certain single? Were there people in the press/industry writing him off as a one-album wonder?
  16. ^ According to Wikipedia:
    In the United Kingdom, the album was a huge success, eclipsing sales of Faith. Listen Without Prejudice debuted on the UK Albums Chart at number one, where it remained for a week. It stayed at number two for the following two weeks. It spent 34 consecutive weeks in the top 20, and jumped from number 13 to number three in its 24th week. It spent a total of 88 weeks on the chart, and was certified quadruple platinum by the BPI on 2 January 1992.

    Therefore no, not seen as a one-album wonder at all. LWP was a massive success and set the scene for what came later. I think it’s the lack of videos and promotion that did it for singles. However, it seemed he no longer needed hit singles by that point - his audience were album-buyers.

    The six singles from Faith didn’t exactly set the UK charts alight though, in comparison to his previous efforts. Peaks of 3, 2, 11, 8, 13 and 18. Father Figure (the no. 11) perhaps got a bit lost in the Christmas rush but it’s otherwise a downward trajectory that the LWP era continued.
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  17. The LWP singles campaign was a total mess.
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  18. It should have been:

    Praying for time (with Fantasy as b side)
    Freedom (with remixes by the likes of Frankie Knuckles and David Morales)
    Album release
    Waiting for that day (with remixes by Soul II Soul and whoever did the mixes for Madonna's 'Keep it together')
    Heal the pain/Mother's pride/Cover of a Stevie Wonder song (EP)
    Cowboys and angels (New version-duet with Sade)/Soul free remixes
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  19. The singles market was kinda dead in the early 90s with 50% of the songs charting being ads / novelty / dance hits. CD single hadn't taken off majorly (like it would in the mid 90s) and whoooo was gonna rush to buy cassette singles or 7"s by GM? Everyone bought the album instead.

    When Older came along CD singles ruled, it was easy to manipulate sales simply by making sure you had CD1 and CD2 peppered with new tracks and remixes. The fact all of them were well designed helped too. And of course radio ate all the singles up.
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  20. Was indeed, talk about shoddy treatment.
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