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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ray, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. The label (and George) still could have made an effort. Perhaps the Sade fantasy duet is a stretch but everything else is entirely plausible. Perhaps not top 5 hits but certainly better than they did. And the album would have sold even more.
  2. The LWP singles not doing so well was such a shock to me when I first got a Guinness Book of Hit Singles in about 1998 because my local radio station hammered those singles and I knew them all so well. I actually thought that Freedom 90 being a no 28 flop was a misprint in the book because it was such a big song with such a famous video.
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  3. The video was on MTV Europe it felt like at least once an hour for months.
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  4. Freedom 90 thankfully smashed in Europe. In Greece it's by far his No 1 song still getting radio play.
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  6. This is absolutely true...the singles market changed in the mid-90s, driven by price-drops and multi-CD formats. It's also absolutely true that each successive LWP single (however much of a flop) triggered a sales boost for the album. But equally, the LWP singles could have fared better in the UK with a different strategy.

    Freedom 90 as lead single with the models video, in Sep 1990. Surely a top 5 in any language. Then, as winter drew in, Praying For Time in November. Early 1991, to tie in with the BRITs, you could have had the Heal The Pain or Waiting For The Day singles. Gorgeous as it is (and my 2nd fave song on the LP), Cowboys & Angels was never single material. There would only have been a need for 4 singles tops using the strategy I outlined.
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  7. I love that they dared release 'Cowboys and angels' even if it died on it's arse. It's literally the furthest away from 'Wham! rap' that he ever went.
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  8. Cowboys & Angels is definitely peak GM.

    I don't think they were even trying for hits, I mean this was the cover:


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  9. What’s interesting about the LWP single covers is that there is actually a photo of him on most of them. Contrast this with some of the later singles from Faith where you just got the title on the front and nothing else, not even his name.

    What I especially like about Listen Without Prejudice is the lack of visual imagery. It’s more like a book - you make up your own visuals. Videos do spoil that in a way. Thanks to this thread I did listen to LWP today, and I love the fact it can take you anywhere.

    It was such a brave move to do what he did with that. Not making videos at that point was dangerous, but we’re left with the music speaking entirely for itself.
  10. Listen is the best male pop album ever.
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  11. Poor "Ten Good Reasons"!
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  12. That's a gorgeous cover though. I'd be all over that!
  13. I need to get a 12" for this to frame and call Architectural Digest over.
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  14. I echo everyone's shock at Freedom 90 not making the top 20 but it's one of those rare non top 20 songs that is remembered and is a classic. I'd say it's up there in his top 10 most remembered songs in the U.K. Which is weird considering it's chart placement.

    In comparison if you look at a song like Star People or You Have Been Loved or even to a degree Spinning The Wheel, even though they were all top 5, they are definitely a bit forgotten now in the UK.
  15. Are they? I wouldn’t say that. Two of those three appear on both his compilations, and the other on Ladies and Gentlemen only (which did, of course, sell by the truckload).

    Star People, I’d say, is better in its Older album version though. And it includes a classic GM contradiction. After spending much of the song trying to convince us he’s not like all of these other famous people, he then concedes that without all of the adulation, he’d “die”. Brilliant.
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    I don't know how to embed the video from facebook hopefully the mods can do it.

    Anyway, George Michael's Older album is 25 Years Old. One of his best album without a doubt. The album was his comeback after the whole debacle with Sony and man what a comeback. The album dominated in UK and the rest of Europe so much that it outsold Faith sales except in America. What your favourite singles from this album?
  17. Star People is his worst single, sorry!
  18. Listen Without Prejudice is still my favourite George album by far. It’s his masterpiece. Singles wise I really wanted Something To Save - it’s a 10/10 for me.
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  19. I'd say shoot the dog is far worse. Tuneless! The sample is the only memorable thing about it.
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