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George Michael

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ray, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Really.... I assume manufacturing delays but frankly with the amount of time they’ve had, it’s a bit rubbish.
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  2. I know a guy who cancels pre-orders if a delay is announced and then boycotts the release
  3. Guess not too much a surprise in this day and age with vinyl demand.
  4. Has he cut his nose off yet?
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  5. Crazy to think George Michael would have turned 59 today if he was alive.
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  6. So sad, gone too soon.
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    A bunch of artists doing George covers for Pride Month. Feels like this came out of nowhere? MNEK on Fastlove sounds incredible.

    Pale Waves - Faith
    Years & Years - Outside
    MNEK - Fastlove
    Self Esteem - Praying For Time
    Billy Porter - Monkey
    serpentwithfeet - Kissing a Fool
    Tiana Major9 - Careless Whisper
    Calum Scott - One More Try
    Jake Shears - Amazing
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  8. Ca**m Sc*tt?! Well I guess it's preferable to S*m Sm**h.
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  9. Interesting mix of artists this, wasn't aware of this occurring either.
  10. The Apple Music playlist is really good, they've modernised the songs without taking away too much of the original DNA. I'm no Callum Scott fan but his version of One More Try is rather touching.
  11. I was at Trafalgar Square on Saturday afternoon, and there was group of middle-aged ladies all wearing the same George Michael t-shirt (it was a red t-shirt but I couldn't quite make out what it said). I wonder what that was about?

    There was actually a concert at Trafalgar Square at the time and someone was singing Queen, and one of the ladies shouted "Sing George Michael instead!"
  12. Delayed again to September 16

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  13. I wonder it will end up being delayed even further though.
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  14. Hogwash.
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  15. This "unexpected demand" thing looks so funny ! We're talking about George Michael, not Living in a box (sorry to LIAB fans, I like them, too! They were mentioned in another therad...) ! Do you know he was/is a superstar ? Do you know how many copies he sold through the years ? Do you know how many fans he still has ? Do you know it's not "let's make 50 vinyl boxsets, 50 white vinyl, 50 black vinyls and 50 exclusive vinyls" ?
    Do you remember when we dreamed about a deluxe cd only release ?
  16. It’s not at all credible that this has outstripped demand since the last delay due to unprecedented demand. How many more people actually want this expensive rehash?

    The estate can’t even manage to design decent memorabilia to sell on the store. They should put some competent people in charge.
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  17. They keep randomly dropping more copies of the green LP; I wonder if it's not just a production slowdown but a legit quality problem with a lot of the ones they pressed.
  18. Just thinking about how the timeline of arrest (April 98) to release (October 98) has to be one of the most extraordinary in music history, when you consider writing, recording, record label approval, music video and actual release. George said, no fucking way are you going to win this battle.

    What a battle cry for freedom, horny bop and disco throwback, all in one.

  19. This one is one hell of a banger. It's a shame most of the US never got to hear it. Fortunately, when this released,I lived overseas and everyone was ALL over it!
  20. Outside, talk about anthem. That and Amazing, were his too last great singles in my view.
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