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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ray, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. A moment most pleasing to me...

  2. Amazing video (and SO early 00's!), but never gelled with the song itself that much must say.
  3. George was an absolute icon and so talented as a singer and a songwriter. I just really wish he'd released more albums over his career. It's absolutely criminal that a solo career of almost 30 years only produced 4 original studio albums.
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  4. There is some incredible stuff from the 90s that hardly anyone will ever get to hear. Beyond the hardcore of fans.
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  5. That 6 year break of albums between 90-96 at the peak of his powers abiet mostly due to the court case didn't really help much either.
  6. Do you mean in the US? Just that everything he released in the UK in the 1990s did extremely well (apart from perhaps the covers album from 1999).

    Not sure it was just the court case. After Older in 1996 there was no “proper” studio album until Patience in 2004, and no further albums in the 12 years after that. He certainly wasn’t prolific but what he did was good. There’s only that 1999 covers album I don’t much care for.
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  7. I was meaning all the unreleased and partially-finished material. There's a lot of it from the 90s, but for one reason or another most of it remains officially unreleased. So only hardcore fans might be aware of it, or have heard that work. To the majority of people, they will only know those albums you listed and the non-singles that were also released.
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  8. Really just speculating, but I wonder if George fell into the trap/mindset of overthinking what he should and shouldn't release. He made far more recordings than ever saw the light of day, and yet his output became more and more infrequent. It was the opposite of, say, Prince. Maybe George got a little hung up on the idea of creating a "quality" catalogue....just like he wanted everything to be super-professional and polished.
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  9. His success in the U.K. during the whole Older era was astonishing really, everything he touched turned to gold, to have 6 top 3 singles from a 6 x platinum album was amazing. Older was by far his best selling studio album in the U.K. Quite a feat 9 years into his solo career and 13 years since his Wham debut.
  10. Yes, perfectionism must have become a big part of it too, a big curse for any artist I think.
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  11. The Older 25th Anniversary edition details and release date will be announced this Friday!
  12. is about time!
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  13. [​IMG]
  14. We'll get a Live 25 DVD and we'll all have to deal.
  15. Can't wait !
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  16. I just saw the post on social media and didn't get the sense that they're announcing music? It looked more like a line of Pride merch
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  17. For the 25th anniversary of Older they are proud to announce a vinyl release of Patience.
  18. Amen to this! They can't either? Surely?....
  19. Oh crap. I bet you're right.

  20. It doesn't even seem Pride specific at this point, just a merch grab out of nowhere.
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