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George Michael

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ray, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Good grief, they'd be on the sale rack of Bianca's Casuals. It's so sad to see his legacy being so woefully held. Makes me all the more grateful for the work of The Prince Estate in terms of legacy responsibilities.
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  2. It really is dreadful, isn't it?
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  3. It's quite heart-breaking in fairness - not just as a consumer and wanting product that does justice to the artist, but there's people doing this who must be working hard, doing their best etc but it's like an uncoordinated campaign with little understanding of audience, product or the artist. I honestly wonder is it a family member from their front room doing their best to keep George's legacy going? If so, could someone who professionally curates such things not just put themselves forward to take this on (or did that happen already - I've no idea), coz it's like layer on layer of sad to have George's work become a bit of a joke, or his be a name that I dread seeing in announcements.
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  4. Listen Without Prejudice returning to #1 was nice though, despite the terrible new cover, out-of-era live tracklisting and awful re-re-remix of a song that should have been left as a b side.
  5. Yes, with that calamity being snapped up and Wham!s recent #1 single, its as though the public are saying 'we want more George' yet the estate are giving us (taking us for) mugs.

    I see his 'estate' have been kind enough to give Lorde's new track their seal of approval - perhaps she can put a word in?
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  6. Shame it's not quite looking like to be about the music this annoumment.
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  7. To be honest I never expected the Prince Estate to be the leaders in reissue campaigns but they really stepped up to the podium and delivered.

    I know there's already been a Faith reissue but would be nice to have something for the 35th anniversary.
  8. Yes, even more so as the reissue box set in 2011, is now long out of print.
  9. Forthright remixes/ radio edits please!
  10. I really hope something like this will happen.
  11. The way my feed keeps getting clogged up with the announcement of this online merch store … just give us the Older vinyl pls
  12. Yes you are so right. Makes me wish I was a Stan Prince fan.
  13. I know, even more so as they seemed to be hinting at just that on the actual day of the 25th anniversary.
  14. Yep, site is live and it's just merch.
    Clicking 'music' and seeing a load of CDs was particularly disappointing.

    H4PPYBIRTHDAYYOG is the password
  15. ‘Let’s remember our brother Yog by selling you some merchandise you could custom make for yourself’.

    Music? Not quite as lucrative.

  16. All that stuff wouldn't be so ridiculous if they'd been investing in his music these last few years. George Michael wasn't famous for his tote bags and pencils for goodness sake. And if I need a blue notebook, I'll save myself £39 and get one down the pound shop. Crushingly disappointing. Again.
  17. Right !?!? Reminds me of Whitney’s estate pushing everyone but the music.
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  18. Belinda gives us tote bags but they usually come with a deluxe reissue. Give us the music.
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  19. What was the point of opening the site one hour early with a password? The e-mail came after that hour had already started and I only saw it now in any case. I didn’t miss anything as far as I can see.
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