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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by A&E, Jan 16, 2016.

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    Georgina Kingsley aka Georgi Kay has been doing this music thing for a few years now. She has a bunch of her own stuff out, as well as features on dance producers' and rappers' albums. In 2013 she put out the EP In My Mind which first brought her to my attention. Last year she performed the title song from Residue called Head Full of Lies.

    Currently she's gearing up for the release of her new EP Origins which drops 5th February on her own label Monoki. The EP is preceded by the singles God of a Girl and More Than This. It can now be preordered on iTunes.

    1. Love Is Cold
    2. God of a Girl
    3. More Than This
    4. Circles
    5. Give Me Love
    6. More Than This (Lipless Remix)
  2. So this girl has been been around for a minute, but has always stayed very underground. I just discovered her new single 'Scary People' and I'm loving what I'm hearing. For fans of dark electronica

    @backstreetjoe @Lost Boy @LE0Night @strangekin
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  3. Me all over. I'll give it a listen soon!
  4. A&E


    Love Is Cold was one of my favourites last year, and with a great video to boot. Played it on a lot too. I hope Scary People leads to an EP or LP!

    and let me tag @Noir and @NecessaryVoodoo
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  5. My bad, @A&E, I didn't realise there was an existing thread.

    I hope there's an album in the works, especially if 'Scary People' is anything to go by.
  6. Scary People video

    Surprised more people aren't picking up on her.
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  8. 1. Heavenly Gates
    2. American Psycho
    3. Toxins
    4. Special
    5. God Complex
    6. The Outside
    7. Lone Wolf
    8. Guilty Pleasures
    9. Wake Up
    10. Scary People
    11. Valentine

    @Lost Boy i think this'll be an album for you when it's out.

    @alejandrusco @360 @xondus
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  9. 360


    Thank you for the mentions @Tiger Suit ! Just listened to everything on Spotify and this is fucking awesome. Excellent, captivating production and haunting, melancholic vocals. Enchanting music.

    This is exactly the kind of sound that I love, so thank you for helping me discover her. You're awesome.
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  11. So I've been allowed to listen to the album for review purposes, and I'm shook at the quality of it!
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  13. I'll be checking this out.
  14. Lone Wolf is my favorite.
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