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Georgia - Seeking Thrills (2nd Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bestinase, Mar 31, 2015.

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  2. Move Systems excellent

    Looking forward to the album, The Knife comparisons are getting me excited.
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  3. I signed up to Rough Trade's 'album of the month' deal and they sent me this album yesterday. I have to say it's very good. At first, when I began listening, I wasn't sure but then I really started getting into it. The MIA comparison is spot on but there are eliments of Bjork and Missy Elliott here too. I recommend to anyone who likes discovering new talent and I think Georgia could be really successful over the next few years.

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  4. I like this album. For vinyl fiends: the Rough Trade edition has a bonus 10". Ten inches are the best, aren't they?
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  5. Just thought I'd give this thread a bump. It's a great debut album, but whether that's just because I'm missing M.I.A. I'm not sure. "Kombine" and "Move Systems" sound huge.

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  6. Georgia released a new single, Feel It, and its video at the start of January. Hopefully that means we can expect a new album this year. Move Systems still pops off!

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  8. This never quite happened for her, did it? I thought she'd be a Mercury darling at one point but it just never seemed to break through. The new song is cute.

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    I've never been that bothered about her before, but Started Out is divine. I'm looking forward to what she comes out with next.
  12. Started Out is so good, let me jump into the rest of her stuff
  13. "Started Out" is playlisted at Radio 1! Those jabbing synths at the beginning...whoosh.
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  14. “Started Out” is one of last year’s best singles. Also someone should change the thread title as I don’t think the music she’s making (now, at least) even remotely resembles that of any of those 3 artists.

  15. [​IMG]

    A bop, a banger.
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  16. Wow! Amazing.
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  17. RJF


    This is exactly the kind of electro throwback BANGER I like.
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    Shiiit, this is incredible. Popjustice hit incoming.
  19. She's super creative & interesting. I liked her first album enough, but I'm glad she's letting a little bit of pop seep into the mix. This & Started Out are both fantastic. She's really doing it right.
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  20. This is giving me Robyn vibes, what a massive song!
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