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Georgia - Seeking Thrills (2nd Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bestinase, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Grammar pundits: your song title makes no sense!!
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  2. Saw her live yesterday and she was so incredible! I had the chance to tell her personally how amazing I thought she was as she passed me by after the gig finished. The setlist was immaculate and I started to appreciate songs like Mellow or Honey Dripping Sky much more. The energetic/slower moments were nicely balanced - not once did I feel bored or impatient. The concert was in a really small and sweaty venue, so at one point Georgia asked the audience to come as close as possible. There were a couple times when she came down to us to have a little dance. It made for a very special night - the energy, enthusiasm and joy were radiating both from her and the crowd. She visibly lit up everytime she got a loud cheer (which was after every song), you could tell she hadn't expected such a warm welcome. Everybody lost their mind when she started playing Running Up That Hill as the last song of the night - what a way to end.
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  3. Well this is a nice surprise!

    Along with a stripped back, live version of About Work.
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  4. Love her cover,
  5. Amazing seeing how this masterpiece was created. Like watching witchcraft.
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  6. 35 years and I still can't get my head around the process of music making, the way that something comes out of nothing at all. It's magical.
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  7. A new 'How I Wrote' video:

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  8. She's playing drums on the amazing new Gorillaz single from their 'song series' or whatever the fuck it is.

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  9. Taste

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  10. Yung Baby Tate ate that, per usual.
  11. First she remixes What's Your Pleasure into a lost Inner City tune just and now she does the impossible by remixing Erasure to an electropop banger (which they really should have been able to do themselves in the first place) I cannot wait for her next album.

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  12. What a dream collab!

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  13. She's covered Running Up That Hill.
  14. Nice to finally get a studio version since the live performance was great.
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  15. I totally expectedly love this....I'd like if there was more of her in the video though. I think she is the most exciting popstar in the UK at the moment, roll on album No.3.

    That's her brother btw.
  16. Phew still one of the greatest songs of all time. Miss Georgia knows!
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