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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by alee, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. Yeah, I listened to the Geri one and it was okay. I feel I could do a better job, personally!
  2. How can anyone do further listening and choose Live and Let Die and These Boots Are Made For Walking??
  3. Which one of you is this?
  4. You should totally start podcasting!
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  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I’m down. Us and @tylerc904 would do a killer podcast.
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  6. It's @Sam de Jour
  7. Shake your bootie cutie was the one for me at the time. I would’ve loved that after It’s Raining Men
  8. Totally agree with @ibelieve - she would have done far better with a statement of some kind and safe sex would have fit perfectly with Feels Like Sex. Although Scream... was a decent enough song, there was no point to it.
  9. I’ve been revisiting the Man on the Mountain tracks and I hear a lot of parallels to the Scream album. The rock/live band sound with jazzy flourishes throughout. Scream boarders on overproduced, which I actually prefer the more natural sound of Man’s songs. But I’m just imagining a Geri concert and seeing a huge, brash production. Sigh.

    On a side note, I heard Geri’s It’s Raining Men in Macy’s here in the Midwest. I still haven’t gone back to pick my jaw up off the floor.
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  10. Summertime was right there.
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  11. On this day 20 years ago Mi Chico Latino became the first No01 solo Geri single and the first of 4 consecutive No 01 singles on the UK chart.
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  12. What a time to be alive
  13. That means I will have been bopping to GAY as a secret gay teen!
  14. With her music career she always set too high a standard for herself and really felt like shit when it didn't succeed. Her ego was too big to be fed.

    Schizophonic was her trying to prove she could do it solo without the other four girls and so the expectations weren't really there as she was so focused on being a success. She was gutted when 'Look At Me' charted at #2, but then convinced herself it was because she didn't release two versions of the CD single.
    When 'Lift Me Up' was in competition with Emma for the #1, Geri made sure she got caught sneaking out of Chris Evans' house to get major press attention... she was ruthless to be #1.

    I think the Passion era flopping was a huge blow for her, but it was the relentless bashing she received after releasing 'Half Of Me' in 2013 that killed her love of performing. People mention how "stiff" she seemed on the recent tour, but they forget her confidence was shot.
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  15. Look At Me deserved the number one.
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  16. Up until Scream (single), Geri did no wrong with her solo career and everything was there for her to be huge in Europe for a very long time, I just can't believe how all went wrong and down the toilet after that.

    She could have been the "it" girl during the glorious period of disco-pop in 2001-2004 instead she went hiding and when she came back, she was too late for the party. Plus the music industry were going through some major changing and all those pop girls were in danger.
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  17. What happened when she released Half Of Me?
  18. Literally 'nothing' happened. That was the problem.
  19. Were people harsh about it or anything?
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  20. SBK


    She recorded the song, that was the problem.
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