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Geri Halliwell - New Single & 4th Album

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by alee, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. Eliot Kennedy (Say You'll Be There, Love Thing..) is the producer of the new album and he tweeted this:

    eliot kennedy ‏@NYCSteelerfan

    Recording a children's choir today for new Geri Halliwell single. #catchy !!!

    eliot kennedy ‏@NYCSteelerfan
    New Geri Halliwell album I'd just wonderful. Can't wait for you to hear it.

    He also said that is going to be release very soon!!
  2. Good God, her voice is rougher than a cave bear's arse!

    With luck that choir should drown out that mean old growler voice.
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  3. More 'Look At Me', 'Bag It Up' and 'Scream...' And less 'Half Of Me' please Miss Halliwell.

    Children's choir? For fuck sake Geri.
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  4. Here for Geri's "Like a Prayer"

    ...still think she should have released 100% Pure Love.
  5. Rachel Steven's Tasty Tunes impact with the children's choir.
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  6. Children's choir?! Geri delivering her own Good Time?
  7. If there's hope for this woman in music, it's not with anything related to a children's choir.
  8. It would make sense for the choir to whisper words which, played backwards, say something like Gerita Satana Musica Shitta or something vaguely scary sounding.
  9. I hope she raps about big Spanish penis again like she did in "If U Can't Dance".
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  10. I'm eagerly anticipating this album, likely to be released the same day as Sarah Harding's and Paris Hilton's, aka never.
  11. Yes to all. Laughing at the Like A Prayer shade and 100% Pure Love was such a waste indeed. I love Schizophonic, Lord. Reading about childen choir reminds me of a Roxette single, Stars. Kind of matches Geri, but we're in 2015.
  12. Just please don't record your vocals in a closet this time, Geraldine. HalPTH of My Saliva was almost rendered unlistenable by the shitty vocal production.
  13. She is looking good, she reminds me of kylie..


    So ready for her comeback!!
  14. Nobody will ever be ready for this.
  15. Number #377 hit in Australia coming up!! Good on her for keeping going though!
  16. They've both been saying this for about 2 years now and nothing has come of it. Is anyone really anticipating a new Geri album?
  17. Peter Pinsent?
  18. I am, purely in the hope of 100% Pure Love being tacked onto the album or a b-side.
  19. I enjoy her first 2 albums but Passion and Half of Me were just a mess. Okay, maybe Passion had 5 or 6 songs that were salvageable.

    I just don't know where Geri would fit in in today's music climate. We don't have CD:UK, Top of the Pops, Pepsi Chart show etc. for her to person and I can't see her having much budget for an expensive music video so I can't just see this going the same way as Half of Me.

    I hope I'm wrong, I mean I like her and hope she comes back with some good songs but I don't know the best route for her to take to gain success.

    That said, Sophie Ellis-Bextor recently had a hit with her last album which clearly didn't have a lot of budget for videos etc. but she toured and did performances across Europe.

    Geri has been out of the music scene proper for a long time though. I wonder if she needs to work on re-building a new fanbase?
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  20. I always get a feeling of panic when a new Geri thread surfaces to the top of the forum.

    A children's choir? Jesus, what is she cooking up this time?
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