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Geri Halliwell - New Single & 4th Album

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by alee, Jun 29, 2015.

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  2. Just beat me to it.

    It's the best thing we've heard from her in a long time.
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  3. This sounds great... wonder if it will be released?
  4. Great to hear a new song! It seems odd that he'd post the full song, when last time it was only a clip. I wonder if it's scrapped?
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  5. Keep On Dreaming sounds great!!! I need a new album from her so much
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  6. Either shit or get off the pot!

    I'm so over all these new songs without an album in sight.
  7. Wait. I'm confused because this is a decent song. We are living in strange times, ya'll.
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  8. GCZ


    I really like the production and the chorus of "Keep On Dreaming".
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  9. GCZ


    Would someone be willing to create some artwork for the single?
  10. It does sound interesting, there’s elements on the production that immediatly reminded me of William Orbit.
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  11. Jesus that song would put years on you.
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  12. I think this song suits her voice and reminds me of her early stuff.
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  13. Keep On Dreaming would fit nicely on Red Flag
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  14. ssa


    I was in Tokyo and heard Angels in Chains TWICE in Harajuku over 9 days.

    I am still shocked and majorly confused.
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  15. Did any of you listen to "2 become 1" on that page?

    Enya does Spice Girls. Beautiful.
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  16. It sounds like a good B-side from the 'Schizophonic' or 'Scream...' days. I'm not mad about that.

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  17. Keep On Dreaming sounds like a lost album track from the first two albums. Love it.


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  18. GCZ


    Love this cover! Thank you so much!
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  19. The combination of that Geri's wistful optimism in that picture, her recording new music and the title "Keep On Dreaming" is a little too on the nose for me.
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  20. I keep on Dreaming alright

    About a Spice Girls reunion in 2018 with new music.
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