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Geri Halliwell - New Single & 4th Album

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by alee, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. "Hallelujah" and "Keep Of Dreaming" are brilliant! It is exactly the kind of sound I envisioned Geri would eventually make.

    I really hope an album comes out of this and she finally releases that long-awaited 4th album in 2018. These songs are on the right track. I would love an album from her full of this western + country sound. I hope she makes more music with Ryan Louder.
  2. The fact these are just being put online to listen to / download I doubt there are plans to bother releasing them officially. Especially after the flop of her last single (which she actually promoted quite a bit).
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  3. I agree with you @spillett It seems odd, and probably means these songs won't go anywhere, but perhaps there are others being held back for a possible release. I'd love to hear Hallelujah in full some day. Maybe the producer will share it in the future.
  4. I know technically and vocally Melanie C's Northern Star is probably the better album but I can't help having such a love for Schizophonic. I don't find any tracks to be unnecessary and I get great memories flooding back whenever I listen to it.

    Scream... Felt like it was less consistent, like Passion but obviously had some cracking tracks.
  5. I actually like that show oddly.
  6. I think Schizophonic is a strong album. The songs are very meaningful and heartfelt.
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  7. You could tell she was having fun with Schizophonic. Yeah, her ego was in that album but I loved the different layers of Geri that were put in that album. Shame she decided to take herself too seriously and bloat her ego even more with the following albums.
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  8. Ray


    Oh dear, I misread that as the figure being down to 100,000 viewers!
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  9. It's funny -- Geri's solo career feels very much forgotten and unappreciated now, but Schizophonic felt more like a 3rd Spice album than Forever did.

    I'd love it if all five just re-recorded the whole thing and released it for the comeback. Would be much more exciting than a Greatest Hits, and most likely better than any type of new material too.
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  10. Northern Star has 'If That Were Me' on it so Schizophonic wins by default.
  11. So true! Geri was everything that was fun about the Spice Girls, she was the heart and kept it alive for Schizophonic. Ok I never play it now, and can’t say I’m desperate to hear it again along with the Spiece albums. But it was proper pop music, unlike Forever’s faceless generic US trend chasing slows jams - such a dud
  12. I wish she released her third album in 2002 or 2003. Then follow a greatest hits collection in 2004. By 2005, the public didn't seem that interested to solo Spice Girls stuff. In my opinion, she was one of the reasons why her career took a dive. She should have swallowed her pride when Calling only peaked at #7 and released a fourth single from Scream. Then quickly work on the third album after that. Its Raining Men's success is such an iconic moment in pop history, and its a shame she peaked so early in her solo career.
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  13. I'd go one further than that and say she should have gone down the Spice Girls route of releasing an album every year. She was so huge during her debut. Every single bar one went to no.1. They should have cashed in on that and banged out more material. Pretty much every other pop artist was doing the same (one album every year) at the time.

    The Scream period was obviously less successful but yes, she could have easily salvaged things by quickly releasing a follow up. I thought she actually had done when she released "Ride It", then everything went downhill again thanks to lacklustre material.
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  14. The whole Scream era was just misguided. Nobody should really be making Robbie-lite material and she shouldn't be trend chasing.
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  15. I've no idea why but I always thought this picture was Geri laying in sand with the sun on her during a sunset.


    Now I realise it's just her in a bedroom as per the other picture inside the sleeve.

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  16. Ray


    Isn't it just her in the bedr–

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  17. Half dream - Checked
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  18. Nice to see All Together Now remain pretty consistent

    Ep 1 - 3.6 million
    Ep 2 - 3.7 million
    Ep 3 - 3.6 million

    It seems to have held an audience after 3 episodes.
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  19. I've never really delved much into her solo albums besides her debut. Are they worth checking out?
    Didn't she say one of her biggest regrets was not releasing an album track as a single? Can anyone tell me what song it was?
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