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Geri Halliwell - New Single & 4th Album

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by alee, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. Love Never Loved Me from Passion.
  2. Lee


    Love never loved me from passion
  3. The song was Love Never Loved Me from the 3rd album Passion. The song is definitely single worthy and album itself is alright too.
  4. Would’ve been better as a ten track losing the first and last songs......Scream suffers the same bloating. All Spice albums should be a tight 10 tracks in my opinion
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  5. For me Scream should’ve been

    1. Scream If You Wanna Go Faster
    2. Brave New World
    3. Calling
    4. Destiny
    5. Circles Round the Moon
    6. Love is the Only Light
    7. Strength of a Woman
    8. Getting Better or Don’t Call Me Baby
    9. Breaking Glass
    10. It’s Raining Men
    11. New Religion
    12. I Was Made That Way
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  6. Ironic seeing as she vetoed it’s release back in the day.
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  7. it's definitely a highlight in a lacklustre album
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  8. Passions strength is the tracks with Love/Loving in the title

    Love Never Loved Me
    Let Me Love You More
    Loving Me Back to Life
    So I Give Up on Love (listen to this right after The Lady is a Vamp it's a nice continuation of that quirky jazz style)
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  9. Ignoring some of the right old clunkers she put on her albums, Gerita's actually got decent material.
  10. Yeah, a fan once asked her on Twitter why Love Never Loved Me wasn't released as a single and she responded; "I F*ck Up." Haha.

    Schizophonic is her best solo album, not vocally but lyrically and musically. I really like Scream... It has better vocals and a lot more fun to it. Yeah, maybe some of the B-sides should have replaced some of the album tracks but it's pretty decent. Don't Call Me Baby and Lovey Dovey Stuff sound more B-sidey to me.

    I always thought the singles should have been;

    01. Feels Like Sex
    02. Strength of a Woman (I see it having a video of her dressed up as powerful women from different eras - like J.Lo's 'Ain't Your Mamma')
    03. Circles Round the Moon
    04. Shake Your Bootie Cutie (it's like a sequel to Bag It Up for me)

    I know It's Raining Men sort of messed up the whole campaign really. They should have waited for that song to die off and only added it as a bonus or hidden track. I suppose it was so massive they had to include it. I never rated Calling as a single.
  11. I liked her first album , but everything after that was kinda terrible . Except I do like I’ll be riding it as it’s a fun pop Diddy
  12. Love Never Loved Me was Dana International bitch-slapping Gina G levels of spectacular. How the fuck she managed it is between BB Madge, who wasn't even born when this happened, and Geri Horner's psychiatrist (who is also BB Madge).
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  13. It’s so sad we may never get to hear the FLAC of this little gem.

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  14. Gorgeous ballad - probably one of her best, it's a shame it'll just be hidden away. If she didn't release it she could have passed it on to someone else.
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  15. If those songs hadn't leaked I wonder if she would have eventually released it or if it would just be sat on a shelf collecting dust somewhere.
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  16. I get the impression that while she enjoys writing and recording, she lacks the confidence or motivation to actually release something so I think if there wasn't the leak we'd still be waiting now. I don't blame her after Half of Me, and subsequently Angels in Chains which I'm sure she thought would be a hit with the ChildLine & George Michael tie-ins, but it's a shame because a lot of the songs from the leaked album are decent and with the right push could be minor hits.
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  17. Agree and deep down I think Geri is still that girl who got upset when Scream and Calling only made number 8 and 7.

    I think Geri the solo artist belongs in that pre streaming era. I'm happy we got the leaked album though just wish we had it in better quality.
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  18. Most of that leaked album is better than Passion............
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  19. Circles Around the Moon, Calling, Strength of a Woman, Love & Light, Don't Call Me Baby and Its Raining Men are great!
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  20. For me “New Religion” & “Brave New World” are amongst my Top 5, Favourite Geri Solo Tracks. They were totally wasted as ‘B’ Sides.
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