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Getting Old

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Iggypig, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Ok, so I'm 26, not exactly ancient, but I think I'm seeing signs of age creeping in.

    I love music, the poppier, the better, and I used to keep very up to date with artists and releases, but I'm finding I'm just not bothering to keep up anymore.

    The last Rihanna song I heard in it's entirity was Please Don't Stop The Music, and I couldn't even tell you what Rolling In The Deep or anything by Jessie J sounds like.

    The thing is, I'm not even that bothered. I've got the likes of Britney, Gaga and The Saturdays to keep me happy, but there was a time that I would go out of my way to find new artists.

    Does anybody else feel like this, or is it just me?

    Maybe its me finally 'growing up', I moved to London in September, before, I lived at home and had all the time in the world to keep up with music.
  2. slimane

    slimane Guest

    I feel old. I'm heading towards my mid 20s and I haven't achieved anything I want to achieve. I'm glad i'm trying...i've be more depressed if I was one of those weirdos that still haven't decided what to do my their 20s. I do keep up with new music...that's one thing I have under control. I'm trying to give up smoking at the moment...I want to look like Jared Leto when i'm 40 rather than Sarah Harding!!!
  3. This is vaguely on topic.

    On the way home from a schooltrip to Paris yesterday, they put on Toy Story 3. At the back of the bus was all the Sixth Formers (myself included) and we all knew what was coming but the ending was actually devestating. We were in floods of tears but not just because of the movie, but because the ending is exactly what is happening to us now. We'll be going to University soon, we have to put away our toys and childish things and grow up and become adults and quite frankly none of us want too.
  4. Getting old doesn't bother me, but looking old does bother me. I'll switch from moisturiser to botox in my mid to late 20s all in the name of preservation and that way I can grow old happily.

  5. Oh good God, I'm one of those weirdoes!!!

    I mean, I have a job, the soul purpose of which is to pay bills and buy things, but it's not satisfying.

    The problem is, my parentals wanted me to go into work straight after i finished schooling, so i never had the oppertunity to go onto higher education, and to be honest, if I did, I have no clue what subjects I would've took.

    Which means, I have no drive, I don't particularly want to 'become' no, I don't know where i want to go with my life.......and to be honest, I don't really mind.

    Just so long as I've travelled more before I reach 40, i'll be happy.
  6. Well that sounded a lot more miserable than it should've!!!


    I know how you feel, I felt like that when I left school, too rushed to grow up, unfinished business.
    The film that makes me miss my childhood is Stand By Me.
  7. slimane

    slimane Guest shouldn't touch any of that shiz till your late 30s at least. It's dangerous if you start young...I swear down Megan Fox is gonna be looking like Janice Dickinson by the time she's 35.
  8. SBK


    I felt old last night.
    I went to a gig one of the bands from work were playing at, and it was full of 14-18 year olds, who were sat on the floor like it was a school assembly checking their mobile phones.

    Other than that, at 26 I'm quite happy and pleased that I've managed to get the job I wanted in the industry I wanted to.
    I do wish I could have achieved that goal at least 2 years earlier though haha
  9. slimane

    slimane Guest

    I never go to clubs that much anymore. They always seem to be full of 12 year olds.
  10. I'm 19 and I already feel massively old. I have a very scary feeling that I'll end up being a manager/supervisor at the Call Centre I work in when I graduate rather than getting a job where I'd actually aspire to be (boring but I've always loved town and transport planning, thanks to years and years of empire-building PC games).

    I'm viewed as way way older than my peers. People always say I look about 23/24 ish due to my height, and I only ever seem to pull guys of that age range- maybe it's the way I act as well, I seem to be the mother hen of my friend group that picks up after everyone else's tragedy. I've got a job where I do a mental amount of hours a week whilst balancing a full-time degree- I think I've gone all Freaky Friday and actually replaced myself with my Dad. I even tut at things in the newspaper!
  11. slimane

    slimane Guest

    WOW! Honestly. Different strokes for different folks.
  12. SBK


    Same. I think I've forgotten what its like to go to a proper club though. I usually end up going to parties or warehouses. Which to be fair the last one I went to actually was full of kids, we were convinced they were filming skins.
  13. I found a grey hair this morning. That made me feel very old.
  14. Haha- well someone's gotta do it! I'll be the Gaga or the Ke$ha of bus route planning, you'll see.
  15. slimane

    slimane Guest

    The Kesha route. HA! Does it take in every bar in the area?
  16. This time last year I felt old. I was gonna buy a house, had a steady job etc, and thought it was time to settle down because i was at an age where most people start doing that. Since then, i've moved cities, changed jobs and whilst I still feel mature, inside i've gone back to feeling like a teenager. Only last week i cut out a Zac Efron picture and stuck it on my wall! I'm 28 for crying out loud! I should not be sticking Zac Efron pictures on my wall!
  17. A few rich dudes houses as well, for all the parties at such a location.
  18. I saw a documentary about/with Catherine Denueve a while back, and she said that she still feels like a child inside, she feels more comfortable in the company of children than adults (hrm) and that some people will probably always be children on the inside. At the same time, there are also people who never were children to begin with, and were practically born adults.

    I belong to the second category. I don't know how to speak to children, I don't like children, and I always felt like I was more mature than my peers. So I guess me being 19 and feeling mentally like a 25-year old (at least on some levels) is more about me growing into the clothes that I was always meant to wear rather than growing old. I feel perfectly fine with aging, because it just feels like I'm finally catching up.

    Although I could live without my hair falling out and the ticket inspector asking me for my ID when the age limit for youth tickets is 26, but genetics is a bitch you can't do all that much about.
  19. slimane

    slimane Guest

    Your 28 and you can afford a house. Where do you live? I'll be there in a few years and I doubt i'll be rich enough by then.
  20. At the ancient age of 27, I have started to reach the point where I keep noticing people younger than me doing big things with their lives, and it can be somewhat jarring. I mean, I'm happy and content with what I'm doing in my job and life, so I don't take it to heart..... but when you consider that (for example) Mark Zuckerberg is about eight months younger than me and has amassed this giant empire and fortune, or Lady Gaga is two years my junior and is all over the world... I can't help but think "Shit."
    But then there are people like Justin Timberlake and Beyonce who will always be older than me and so I'm reassured that I still have time.

    (I also don't have designs on being a egomanical Web genius or a chart-topping popstar, either, so those comparison points are somewhat skewed. But, I probably should just start driving around on a Jazzy scooter now, since it's clearly all downhill from here.)
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