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Gezza's Review Of Every No 2 Hit of the 90s

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by gezza76, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Come on people, be fair. Chuck D or Rakim could never have come up with a line as profound as 'Techno, techno, techno, techno'. Ray Slijngaard is a visionary.
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  2. I loved 2 Unlimited. I thought No Limits was so amazing, I played the CD single (and the gazzillion mixes of the song) constantly.
    I still like them now.
  3. Nice to see a bit of quality control utilised in this thread.

    Yes, 2 Unlimited were shit.
  4. Here I Go (?) wasn't quite so bad...I think it was on NOW30.....and it was a flop, which probably explains a lot. It had more of a tune.
  5. 2 Untalented's output was utter trash and sounds even worse now with its dated production. For once, Bryan Adams was actually useful!

    No Limit is only listenable for nostalgic reasons.
  6. Excellent, 20 plus years later I'm even more happy I bought 'Dizzy' if it kept that 2 unlimited nonsense off the number one slot!
  7. Could not agree more.
  8. Poor 2Unlimited. I still have a soft spot for them! Gazza's and Status Quo's songs are worse than Get Ready For This.
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  9. Now there's damning with faint praise for you!
  10. Less of the Quo shade, please, haha.
  11. In The Army Now shits on anything Gazza or 2Unlimited could muster.
  12. THANK YOU.
  13. You're right, Laibach were awesome.
  14. Faces will always be my favourite 2 Unlimited song. x
  15. 'Waits for the inevitable faeces joke'
  16. Workaholic, Magic Friend, No Limit, No One, Let The Beat Control Your Body, Maximum Overdrive, Jump For Joy - all anthems.
  17. Their Greatest Hits is pretty fantastic, really.
  18. 14TH DECEMBER- WHEN YOU TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME- Diana Ross (2 weeks)


    Held Off by: Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me/ Bohemian Rhapsody- George Michael & Elton John/ Queen

    And so we reach the end of 1991 with this mush. Now to be positive it has a hummable (?) enough tune but really this has so much sugar that it could rot your teeth at 50 paces, the bridge is the only thing about it that hints that there is something to salvage this from the drippy ballad genre. Maybe I'm bitter and twisted inside but is this really the sound of 1991?- I'd venture the opinion that it isn't, the fact that Westlife saw fit to cover it speaks volumes- one of those songs that belongs to everyone, meaning of course that it paradoxically belongs to no-one. I don't content that it's the worst song ever written but it's certainly in the top 100 IMO, time has, as you can tell, not mellowed me to this track!

    I suppose the fact that this was the Xmas No 2 that year could explain its success and it was certainly Ross' biggest hit in some 5 years, but the magnificent "Chain Reaction" and "Upside Down" still sound fresh and exciting today, this has none of their charm, the video it should be said includes film of Ross with her sons so it may be that it was a gift for kids from their mothers on Xmas day (mine is happy with 20 Marlborough) but that's the only justification I can see for this reaching No 2......

  19. Couldn't stand it then, can't stand it now.
  20. I have always loved this song. As did my mum. Bless her.
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