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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, Apr 3, 2018.

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  2. Okay discuss, stan and stream.
    @Artemisia @Alouder98 @BEST FICTION @ThighHighs

    I'll update the first post with the group's special releases and a selection of the girls' solo work later!
    • Rumor has it that the girls are preparing for a Korean come back at the end of April
    • Their first Japanese album will be released on May 23
    • Performing Me Gustas Tu (Japanese ver.) :

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  3. Overdue. Nice work.
  4. Queens of 2x Faster Dance
  5. I am here.

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  6. I have heard a random assortment of their songs along with the Snowflake EP and have really liked them. I look forward to exploring their music further.
  7. Great, now we just have to wait for an official comeback announcement.

    You should listen to their first full length album if you haven't already done so! Distance, Gone with the wind and Compas is some of their best work. Some of my other fav album tracks : RAINBOW from the SUMMER RAIN repackage, AVE MARIA from PARALLEL and Hear The Wind Sing and Crush from THE AWAKENING.
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  8. I will be sure to do that! Oddly enough, I had to walk downtown to get something and decided to listen to PARALLEL as I walked and it is perfect for this beautiful spring weather. Especially LIFE IS A PARTY. I can see why AVE MARIA is popular, it is very catchy.
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  9. Gone With The Wind is still their best song for me, would probably be my song of 2016 if 2016 hadn't also spawned behemoths in Someone Like U and Deepened.
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  10. I stan Love Whisper in all its derivative glory.
  11. Yuju's entire middle-8 is so life-affirming.
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  12. Y’all aint heard that rumor of their comeback showcase being on the 30th of April?

  13. Mmmmm’T can’t you read? It’s a GFTIEND showcase xx
    No but seriously I hadn’t seen this. I can’t wait for the official announcement.
    I can feel it coming soon Buddies!
    I wonder what our favorite girls and Yerin have prepared for us this time.
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  14. When I realized I couldn't live without GFriend, that's when I knew I was no longer just a casual KPop enthusiast. There's nothing like them in the US or anywhere, really. They're in a universe all their own.

    I wouldn't call myself a Buddy, but I adore them. "Ave Maria", "Rainbow" and "Hear the Wind Sing" helped me through a heartbreaking time in my life, earlier this year. They're earnest and honest and uplifting and everything great about GFriend.
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  15. If it’s like Fingertip or Love Whisper they can keep it. I need a fresh concept. Young girls having innocent fun on the town while serving choreo. A L*key tea.
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  16. The Trilogy stage is honestly life changing.


  17. I love this. And the song, of course. Well, mostly because of the song.
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  18. Whew that was honestly iconique. I'm actually redoing the opening post (already ddd) so I'll be sure to add it to the list of live performances!

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  19. They were everything in 2016. I miss that time :(
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