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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Yeah they were unstoppable in 2016.

    I think this is still their best performance overall, everything was on point. The music throughout the whole thing was amazing.

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  4. Finished all the mini albums and am listening to their full length right now.
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  5. It's truly staggering how catchy this song is.
  6. I really don't get what the fuck is Source Music doing tbh. Okay, make them debut in Japan, good, but we need a comeback in Korea right now! Summer Rain peaked at #11, which isn't that bad for a repackage single but it's their worst peak since their debut!
    They're at #28 in the GG Brand Rankings for the month of April, behind groups like Weki Meki (@Slice of Life), CLC (HOW?) and... Wanna.B!!!???!?!
    At least SinB is one of the idols participating in the first episode of the new Weekly Idol, but I'm really annoyed.
  7. It's called talent. Look it up.

    But seriously. No need to panic (yet) unnie. Both Weki Meki and CLC had their comebacks so of course they will rank higher than GFriend who are not really visible in Korea right now.

    Okay, but maybe we need to panic???

  8. [​IMG]
    Stans accounts are wild.
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  9. If it means new music is coming. I'm ok with conspiracy theories, magic spells, incantations, and/or working with the illuminati.
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  10. I don’t get it either. What’s the harm in just giving us a heads up with the comeback month?

    They’re in big trouble if they hold off on a comeback until they complete their Japan debut.
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  11. I've updated the OP with the girls' solo work and a bunch of performances.
    Some news :
    • Umji was chosen as an exlusive model for Popteen in Japan
    • Ryan S. Jhun liked a comment asking him if he produced GFRIEND's comeback
    He worked on NCT Dream's My First and Last, Girl's Day's Thirsty, Fei's Fantasy and SHINee's View. It probably doesn't mean anything tho but since Source Music isn't giving us any hints...
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  12. A fancam from a recent event in Korea and...

    Eunha has long hair.
    Eng subs of SinB's Weekly Idol appearance:
  13. Saw some other pics and it looks like Umji cut ha hair
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  14. ddd
    Anyway comeback on April 30, confirmed by Source Music. I've read that it could be the start of a new trilogy... if that's true I really hope they try something different because as much as I enjoy LOVE WHISPER and Summer Rain, I don't need to hear the same song again.
    They should aim for a Jumping/Pandora or STEP sound.
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  15. [​IMG]

    The new mini is called Time for the Moon night.
  16. April 30th is a full moon. This gonna be a moment.
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  17. Does this mean that 4/26 we get the official Buddy colors? Time for me to redesign my entire wardrobe.
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  18. Yes!
    Time for me to redesign the entire thread.
  19. "Time for the Moon Night" is almost as odd of a title as "Night Rather Than Day."
    This is fucking hilarious. I think I'm following him immediately. Gil Friend.
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  20. Always fun when you don't notice that the draft of an unfinished post (mostly because I was boring the fuck out of myself halfway through writing it, very common) from a day or two ago shows up at the top of the fresh one you meant to post.
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