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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Uggghhhhh it sounds so good and like the perfect follow up to TFTMN.
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  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Yuju's vocals.......She will decimate all of Korea with her vocals again huh. I'm gagged.
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  3. The music video looks fantastic, I can’t wait.

    The highlight medley should be out tomorrow so we’ll get to hear more of the song then.
  4. ...who edited these photos dsfjhgksjdfg the FaceApp jumped out.

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  5. SouMu releasing their second Japanese single already?! I’m so not used to them doing something right, I’m not sure how to react.
    I can’t believe we have another song to look forward to after the Time For Us release.

    Also just discovered this OST from Yuju and it's gorgeous:
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  6. Eunha SINGING at the end!!
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  7. 4 songs into the album.

    It's 3/4 for me right now. L.U.V. isn't bad at all, but Sowon's rapping...

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  8. ...has left the Unpretty Rapstars shaking!!! Sowon is coming for that Show Me The Money mentor gig
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  9. The choreo... the high notes... I-
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  10. Eunha having ENOUGH of SoMu's bullshit and stealing Sunrise's big closing high-note from Yuju is my favorite thing about the song. Yerin will be the next one to do that. I have planted the seed.

    RE: The album...Show Up!!!!!!!

    You are not alone, Only 1, It's You
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  11. This is...monumental. That post-chorus bit really caught me off guard.
  12. Yuju was crying at the showcase and fans are going crazy with theories about it. Apparently SoMu is trying to replace her with Eunha, which would also explain Yuju’s temporary absence and Eunha getting the big note at the end of Sunrise.

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  13. Eunha is my bias and her high note is great, but she... doesn’t have the range to replace Yuju nn.
    I doubt it’s true anyway. They probably want her to rest her voice.

    They look so good on this picture:

    Aaaaand they've beat their first day album sales record with 11.599 copies sold.
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  14. Source Music, their company dd
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  15. So yesterday was a complete miss for me, and I'm only just getting around to playing the album. Our queens really DID THAT with a signature cohesive sound through the album. I loved LOL but this is just... the best of their releases.
  16. They won best dance performance at the Seoul Music Awards last night. They also performed TFTMN and Sunrise:

    The song got a nice boost on the charts shortly after it was performed. SoMu did really well in timing this comeback.
  17. Whew I hoped they would but I didn’t expect them to win the award. Can’t watch the perf right now but I know it’s great.
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