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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. I think Sunrise would be my favorite song of them if Rough didn't exist. I even stan the instrumental version.
  2. Ddd Eunha is such a sweetheart

  3. ddd this video showed up my twitter and I'm living she is FED UP.

  5. I really like the album. I've only been able to listen to it sporadically on the train/during walks, but it's more diverse than I thought it was going to be based on the song snippets. I can't wait for my copy of the album to arrive in 2021.

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  7. Yuju sounds even better than the recorded korean version but they did her dirty by having her lipped ad-lib in the final chorus be super quiet and obvious.

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  8. FUCK.


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  9. You and me L.U.V. Love
    That’s right that’s right
    neukkyeo bunmyeonghi L.U.V. Love
    sarangin geol Boy
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  10. He


    Scream. A low point.

    But very strong album otherwise. Memoria keeps being that bih.

    Also why would their company want to get rid of Yuju?
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  11. those outfits... Jesus take the wheel.. Sowon looks stunning though.
  12. Is that ... a Dutch windmill in the background? European tour confirmed. I wish.
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  13. I cringed when I first heard this part djnfdkngkdmdnd
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  14. The Sowon dragging as if she ISN’T the rap goddess of this generation.

    Yerin’s rap can choke though.

  15. Their coordi still doing the most. Just copy the MV outfits, sis.
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  16. Chanel:


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  17. I really, really, really wish I liked Sunrise as much as the rest of the album. I've been listening to the album on repeat ever since it arrived on Spotify, but Sunrise is ... I don't know. I like it, but I feel like there's something not quite clicking for me. Maybe it's because I'm still a newbie Buddy.
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  18. They performed Starry Sky on Music Core! Not my favorite off the album, but I'm glad they're not only performing Memoria/Sunrise.

    Sunrise performance:

    Probably the best stage outfits they've ever had? They look so fucking good. Miss Yuju??? And SinB with those boots!
  19. I came here just to post that Sunrise performance and stan their looks. Fucking SLAY. Yuju without her bangs? Wig!
  20. First win for Sunrise!

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