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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Wins for all music shows this week are pretty much assured except for Music Bank. Their criteria tracks digital performance fairly closely and Chungha is ahead of them there.
  2. Sunrise debuts at #12 on the Gaon Digital chart (#1 on the download chart and #26 on the streaming chart) while Time For Us debuts at #2 on the Album chart! Nice.
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  3. I'm happy for Sunrise making a bigger splash than Sunny Summer but I have decided that You are not alone is the actual single from Time For Us! The whispered "amor"...yes I am a wigless Buddy. I love this icy 90's pop-rock melancholy moment of whatever, Yuju sounds effortlessly amazing and...I'm gutted they haven't done it live but at least we got this?

  4. Come through. Just Music Core and Inkigayo are left.
  5. Netizen Buzz just translated/posted some negative Nate comments. Yeah, that’s how you know GFRIEND is winning.
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  6. Sunrise just dropped in Japan, and the B-Side La Pam Pam is giving Time for the Moon Night 2.0 and I'm LIVING.
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  7. Such a great song. The single debuted at #9 on the daily charts.
  8. Sowon’s blonde hair era officially ended today.

  9. Ddd they just released sunrise in Japanese didn’t they?

  10. Wait. This sounds amazing.
    The covers are cute too!
  11. GFriend and congas. And nobody thought of this amazing combination before?
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  12. Sounds more like their usual sound but i'M READY.

    They're so gorgeous.

  13. This is another win for Yeoja Chingu.
  14. So good. A different sound, but it still has the typical GFRIEND flair. I love it.
    Also, Yuju without a fringe is... stunning. Whew.
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  15. I love this. Sounds more in line with their stellar b-sides that they usually come out with rather than the super dramatic title tracks. It's kind of in the middle of the overly dramatic songs and the overly chirpy and happy songs. It's a good break from the powerful bops like TFTMN, Memoria and Sunrise all in a row.
  16. This is great:

    Their Japanese material is so strong. I love that they're trying new things, Beautiful sounds really fresh for them.
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  17. Double post but who cares!
    • They recently released a full group OST track for a drama called Just One Bite :

    A bop!
    • Flower debuted at #9 on the weekly chart with a little more than 10k copies sold.
    • And finally SouMu posted this cute little throwback :
  18. I didn't know you could dance so well, @junglefish!

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  19. They are really good. Like really, really good.
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  20. This makes me so happy.
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