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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Trying to find Beautiful online is such a struggle but I succeeded ddddd.
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  2. Good morning dear buddies, it's rainy season:

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  4. So, I think they’re going to perform two unit songs on their new tour:

    TRIVIA TIME: Hug Hug and World Peace were actually two of their pre-debut names!
    Perched for Monday Blues tbh.
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  5. Ignoring everything else about these poorly shopped photos, they used LEOPARD PRINT on the word CHEETAH (치타). I’m about to lose it someone hold me back.

    The second unit being my three faves though and it being a song that namedrops cheetahs, we have decided to stan.
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  6. PLEASE let this be an AS Red/Blue moment and give Yuju, SinB, and Sowon their "Into the Night Sky."
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  7. What's the consensus on Sweety amongst buddies?
    It's such a moment in their discography. The slight drum'n'bass influence underlying the overly cutesy and Eunha-heavy vocals is a combination I never knew I needed.
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  8. GFRIEND whomst? It’s all about Hug Hug now.
    They better include those songs in their next release.
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  9. No Shy Boy or Monday Blues, but I'm even more excited for this release than I was for Time For Us. 13 worked with Taemin and Jonghyun, Mospick with CLC and IZ*ONE... Oreo (which I think is one of the projects of their longtime collaborator Iggy) wrote Haseul's Let Me In.
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  10. I'm sort of getting "We're trying something a little new for us here' vibes, and I'm here for it because I'm sure it will retain the typical GFRIEND soundscape. Hyped!
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  11. No Hug Hug?

  12. Sis if I lose another Buddy I'm leaving this forum for good.
    Anyway, speaking of Shy Boy, I find it so interesting that this song and Monday Blues were actually considered to be their debut! I thought they were new tracks but nope. Kinda relieved they went with Glass Bead, even though I stan both of them dd.

  13. I’m... scared. They wouldn’t come back with a trop bop in 2019, would they?
    @codecat @ThighHighs hold me.
  14. Ddd I might eat my words, but I literally cannot imagine GFRIEND, of all girlgroups, NOT have a chorus. It doesn’t seem like them. (Although, to be fair, this whole release does feel like a new venture for them.)

    I think it could just be a very hyped-up intro? Or part of a pre-chorus of sort.
  15. From your lips to God's ears sis

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  16. PJ Buddies and I praying for everybody who gave TFTMN a score lesser than 7 to choke and slowly die.
    JK there are not even six Buddies on here!
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  17. Maybe if errant Buddy @Artemisia voted on the rate TFTMN wouldn't have flopped

    Makes u think huh

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  18. Girl... wtf is this? I’m worried.
  19. It is a very different sound from them but I'm going to remain positive and have faith that they will deliver a great song once again.
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