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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. I mean... it was just a joke, based on :
    • One girl that turns around, sees the friends she's been searching for, smiles at them.
    • Then, they start running in a field together.
    • Cassette player + paper planes.
    I stan 'Fingertips' don't crucify me!
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  2. BUDDIES CAN'T TAKE A JOKE!!! THIS IS A ANTI-FREE ZONE. Sorry I can be worse than a Sone when it comes to GFRIEND.
    I'll say though that the paper plane has already been featured in Rough.
    LOONA who?

  3. !!
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  4. Performances from their showcase:

    Time For The Moon Night debut:
    Melon - 8
    Genie - 9
    Bugs - 1
    Mnet - 14
    Naver - 12
    Soribada - 16

    And they got their highest daily album sales.
    From Hanteo:
    Time version: 3910
    Night version: 3354
    Moon version: 3235
    Total: 10 499
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  5. Not a fan. I think Flower Garden would’ve been a much better choice.
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  6. Yeah I like Flower Garden more too. The title track's verses sound a bit weird to me.

    But I really love the choreo for both, the title and Love Bug. They probably have the most interesting choreos among the 3rd gen girl groups.
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  7. Flower Garden and Tik Tik are my faves but I can understand why they weren't chosen as the lead. They lack a little bit of polish compared to Time For The Moon Night, but with just a little more they could have been great title tracks.
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  8. Yerin's face glitching right before Sowon kisses her goodnight.

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  9. uifgofheizogzhfoshd STOP.
    Go back to One Hallyu where you belong!
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  10. The more I listen to Flower Garden the more I wish it would have been the title track. God, it's like Rough cranked up to 11.
  11. Late but Time for the Moon Night is cute but feels kind of empty? Like it needs some grander strings or deeper bass or synths or something to beef the instrumental up a bit.
  12. Their outfits in the MV


    Wow they're so modern and fashionable while still retaining their youthful, innocent image! I sure hope they wear this when performing the song!


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    They did amazing, as always.

    Translated New Weekly Idol episode:
  14. It is so nice to stan for talented legends. Can't wait to watch their W.I. episode. They're so great on that show and it's pretty obvious that the hosts love having them on.
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  15. I could do without the forced aegyo but Love Bug is a BOP.
  16. The model of the group teaching the mess how to keep her gums to herself when she's smiling is the killing part of Time for the Moon Night.

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  17. THE MESS. sdghuhfmosgpehopiofhigiuroejp
    And sis Umji is officially the model of the group now, she's getting those Popteen coins.
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  18. They wore these monstrosities on Inkigayo just a few moments ago.

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  19. My god, Me Gustas Tu is such an iconic song in all languages. I really hope they do well over there in Japan.

    Edit: Oops, just saw that this was already posted in the general thread. My statement still stands.

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