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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. It's been one week since release and this is holding on the chart pretty well.
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  2. I’m really curious to see their weekly position on Gaon.
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  3. I just checked their discography page on Wikipedia for the first time and I'm literally shocked that Glass Bead sold over 1M. I thought they became popular with Me Gustus Gu (I didn't expect this one's sales to be 2.5 million either though. Impressive).
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  4. Yes and somehow people still think they’re flops and one hit wonders. A group from an unknown company selling more than 1M with their debut single! Dddddddddddddd
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  5. That's because everyone thought they were buying Into the New World.

    dddd just kidding.
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  6. The power of GFRIEND making SNSD relevant again!
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  7. Really it's all thanks to SinB.
    Ugh, her mind. We love the power of a doppleganger!
  8. Bitch that fucking OP is immaculate.

    Only thing is that it mentions Love Whisper again during the Rainbow Repackage's sales.
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  9. Thanks sis I fixed it!
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  10. LOVE BUG


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  11. Welp I guess I have to stan SinB now. Queen of fan service
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  12. bureul kyeojweo. shimjangi kkam-kkam-haaaaaaaaae

    oneuldo GIIIBuneun shimu-ru-kaaaaaaae

    The phrasing of this verse and the backing instrumentation get me every time. Their melodies are always so fucking good.
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  13. Queens got their first win! Let's all choose to celebrate by ignoring Eunha's styling for the Love Bug performance.
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  14. [​IMG]
    Now I'm gonna need Gaon to update their fucking charts.
  15. They got their 2nd win on Show Champion today and rose to #2 on instiz aggregate music chart (the sajaegi demon is currently occupying that spot but will fall again in the morning haha!)

    Buddies eating good

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  16. So, Time For The Moon Night debuted at #9 on Gaon, which isn't great but isn't terrible either and pretty much what I expected. The album took the #1 spot for the week.
  17. They’re charting so well today fjdbfkdkdn they were #2 on Melon for hours and #1 on the five minute chart a couple of times. Maybe they’ll finally reach the summit tomorrow.
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  18. TALENT.

    They also swept all the music shows. Literally from The Show to Inkigayo.

    But of course, King of Sajaegi Nilo is blocking them on MelOn. Ugh.
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  19. It’s past midnight in Korea now so a dip on the charts is expected. Hopefully they’ll go back above him when peak hours return.

    And for what it’s worth, they’ve been comfortably outperforming Nilo on iChart for about a week now. Melon is the only chart that’s been difficult.
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  20. Eunha, Yuju and Yerin at the end of the encore dsggidosomhgia I hate them
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