GFRIEND - the discography rate ☾ #14

Would it be controversial to ask for Life is a Party's elimination? I doublechecked my score for it and I was a little harsh, but I still think it sounds undercooked. Like it almost hits that fun, carefree tropical moment but it's kinda just lacking that pizzazz - maybe the vocals in the verses sound a little too flat?
Or at least you make sure you don't start the subunit section of the album with the weakest track, which 'Secret Diary' is, to me.​
@eatyourself (9) : My least favorite of this album's duets but still a soft sweet moment.
I love it when we see eye to eye bestie!


After all you put Distance through... I know we're cool.
Now I understand you just suffered a loss but no deepfaking my posts please

Anyways! Secret Diary could've stuck around a touch longer, it's not quite the weakest of the unit tracks. But at the same time, I'll take this cut over most of their early b-sides, which I can't imagine are long for this world!
At least I chose it specifically because the original was another post dragging me so it was on theme dddd.
Secret Diary and Better Me are very cute songs, but Night Drive is just one of the best songs in the whole album. Even though Eunha and Yuju are thee vocalists in the group, the song couldn't be more subtle and subdued. First of all, it is built in a way that makes you feel like you are in that car, sitting beside Yuju while she smokes a mint cigarette. Eunha sings as if her hamster had died and Yuju is her big sister trying to comfort her. By the time the middle 8 comes along the song never really comes back to its track - the melodies wander around as if the car had lost direction. Then those lyrics?? "Even if everything about you is gone / I won't forget this moment" and finishing the song off with "I'll let you go today / I won't forget you tomorrow"... the way HYBE knew this would be their last one all along.



[COLOR= #7295ac]The irresistable sweet scent.
If it breaks with a crunch, there's no going back.[/COLOR]


[COLOR= #7295ac]7.807[/COLOR]

Buddies: 10x4 (@nikkysan, @thommyh, @RUNAWAY, @boombazookajoe) 9.5x1 (@Slice of Life) 9x2 (@eatyourself, @Music Is Death)
Antis: 5x3 (@Monado, @Serg., @Wills) 6.5x1 (@Attis)
@junglefish: 8.25
@savilizabeths: 7.5
5 voters: 79
10 voters: 61
15 voters: 80
20 voters: 76
26 voters: 77

Today I make my return to eliminate the second half of our latest tie. It's 'Crème Brûlée', a track from their second to last release ever, Song of the Sirens. Did any of you expect us to lose a song from this mini album so early? The song was written and composed by a pretty impressive team of people, Justin Reinstein, "collapsedone" & Mayu Wakisaka. The first two being frequent collaborators and providing some top tier tracks for artists like TWICE & fromis_9 (The Feels, We Go, DM, Perfect World) and Mayu Wakisaka has written for Oh My Girl, TWICE and TXT (Secret Garden, Like a Fool, Crown). So, talent all around! It also debuted at #70 on the Gaon Download Chart.

Eh, sadly 'Crème Brûlée' doesn't really live up to any of those songs, at least for me. It's great for a bit of cute fun, but we definitely eliminated the right Song of the Sirens track first. This is definitely a unique sound in their discography so I enjoy them trying something new. It's not like it doesn't work either. They sell this quirky vibe well. I just wouldn't say it's a song I feel the need to return to often, especially in comparison to the other songs on Song of the Sirens.

The lyrics talk about temptation and seduction, using thd sweetness of a dessert like Crème Brûlée to describe how hard it is to resist. I've actually never tried the dessert in question, but I know we all have sweet treats we struggle to deny ourselves. The song sprinkles in food related metaphors without feeling too forced or cliche. Damn, the more I read through the lyrics the hungrier I'm getting for some fresh baked goods. There's definitely something a little cheeky about the lyrics too. Nothing overt, just a little wink wink, nudge nudge.

And look at Miss Sowon getting some lines! She's still last in terms of line distribution but she's singing, girls! They have her working her vocal chords! She sounds very at home in this more lowkey, vibey sound so I can see why they utilized her. Yuju sounds great too. Her rich tone is perfect for singing about desserts. Everything sounds very fluffy and sweet. It's fattening. I can feel this song going to my thighs. At the same time though, something in the production sounds a little hollow? It just kind of plods along, never really doing anything engaging. I get what they were going for, but it doesn't really help the song. Empty calories.

Shall we hear from our commentary panel? I kinda love that the song gets described as both experimental and basic. Which is it? Except, maybe it's both? I can see it.

@eatyourself (9) : Experimental bop! It gives me Kerli - Sugar.

@Attis (6.5) : Not a big fan of this sound

@M24 (7) : So quirky and fun! I honestly expected lyrics alla "Recipe" by Mamamoo, and I was pleasantly surprised at how smart they were Eg. "Will it be white or will it be yellow? I want to break that layer, what do I do?"; "I can't take this sweet scent any longer, but if I break you, I can't put it back together". It's a shame I have other favorites, especially in this album, so my score is somewhat on the lower end. Hope it doesn't last too little, but I hope the other four bsides rightfully outlast it.

@ysev (7) : Perhaps one of their most basic offerings. Nothing about this is particularly bad but it’s just so bland. This could be an AB6IX song, and yeah… where’s the excitement? Nowhere!

@Wills (5) : They could’ve gone their entire careers without trying this awful, toothless plink-plonk sound and no one would’ve suffered for it

Next up, we'll say goodbye to another eleven. So soon. Is it yours? Panic in the replies. Until then...

I kinda love that the song gets described as both experimental and basic. Which is it?​
Charli XCX <3
At the same time though, something in the production sounds a little hollow? It just kind of plods along, never really doing anything engaging. I get what they were going for, but it doesn't really help the song. Empty calories.​
I think it's exactly this. It sounds like the song is playing inside the wardrobe and you're right in front of it??
Our second 11 to fall is......


Before the heat confuses us
Before the ice cream melts, let's go



Buddies: 11x1 (@Attis) 10x3 (@junglefish, @savilizabeths, @Music Is Death) 9.5x1 (@aux) 9.25x1 (@Wills)
Antis: 3x1 (@Serg.) 5x1 (@Monado) 6.5x2 (@Cotton Park, @Crisp X)
@junglefish: 10
@savilizabeths: 10
5 voters: 56
10 voters: 64
15 voters: 77
20 voters: 78
26 voters: 77

Ouch! Today our second 11 exits the rate, as well as my second 10 and my co-hosts first. It's a sad sad day for all tasteful Buddies. 'Vacation' is the bubbly second track on GFriend's summer mini album, appropriately titled Sunny Summer. It's been a minute since we heard from Iggy Youngbae but here they are once again, losing another bop. They really have a knack for these bright, sunshine-y tracks, even if you lot don't hear it. Maybe I'm still mourning 'Distance'....

Anyway, 'Vacation' deserves my full attention because god, this song is fantastic! It's a shot of bubblegum summer seratonin and I am beyond here for it. Dare I say it's the brighter, more energetic little sister to 'Distance'. The sister running around the beach energetically, begging older sister 'Distance' to play with her instead of lounging lazily sipping a cocktail. While I love them both very much, 'Vacation' truly has my heart and I want to splash around in the ocean with her. Now, are you ready for me to stop talking about a long departed song and just move on?

Currently it is not the season for a song such as this where I am. It's raining outside the Starbucks I am currently writing in. I've started bringing jackets with me and whining about my makeup getting potentially ruined by the unpredictable weather. 'Vacation' brings sunshine to my day and makes me feel all warm and happy. I'm longing for a vacation and I am grateful to this song for bringing at least a little of that feeling to me right now. Perhaps I like this song so much because (as noted by @M24 in their commentary) it exudes major TWICE energy. This one hundred percent wouldn't feel out of place on their Summer Nights mini album. Can't you just hear Sana all over this? Love this or hate this, it brings something really fun to GFriend's discography and I think they sell it brilliantly.

I don't think I need to tell you what the song is about. Summer lovin', had me a blast and all that. However, I think the lyrics are really strong here. It seems simple, but some of the lines are so poetic. "Before the heat confuses us, before the ice cream melts." How pretty is that??? They describe the sea as "the emerald ocean" which is lovely. And they use the term "lovecation" which makes me smile, it's just so cute!! Everything about this song is cute. I'm sure it might be a little sugary for some of you. It's very Eunha, Yerin and Umji heavy (I mean, Umji actually doesn't have that many lines but the ones she does have are very noticable), and they really lean into the aegyo side of things. Eunha's chorus vocals give me a toothache and I thank them for it, but I can understand if it's not your thing.

Fellow high scorers, would you like to go on a V A C A T I O N with me?? Antis, you are not invited. I hope you get frostbite.

Let's hear from a true icon, @Attis who gave their coveted 11 to this gem. How do you feel about this ridiculously early exit unnie?

I personally don't think this is their best song of course, but my God this song is such a fond memories for Indonesian Buddies. This is legitimately official anthem for Indonesian Buddies, complete with an unique fanchant. And I bet the girls having fun too, who would've thought people in other country will cherish a b-side this loudly ? Truly an emotional history (PS : Indonesia is like the Brazil for K-pop artists and I'm tired with how disrespectful I-fans and K-pop companies are toward Indonesia / SEA fans. We are the big consumer of their material yet they will pay dust and focus on US instead. I'm not mad, just disappointed)

@M24 (6.75) : Another cute, little summer bop! The best thing about it is the sax in the pre-chorus. Apart from that, I feel like this sounds too much like Twice and the extremely high number of english words only reinforces that perspective on me. Personally, Sunny Summer the mini album sticks out like a sore thumb in their discography, because even though their sound changed a lot during their career, this is the era where I feel like they lost their identity. I suppose that's a controversial opinion to have?

@Wills (9.25) : I feel like this shouldn’t be my favourite on the album… but I can’t resist! Is this how it feels to be basic? Asking you @junglefish

@Serg. (3) : Sounds like a SISTAR B-side. Take what you want from that, but yeah...

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The moment I saw you, my knees grew weak
Like a child, I couldn't speak



Buddies: 9.5x1 (@Music Is Death) 9x4 (@Monado, @ysev, @Serg.)
Antis: 6x1 (@eatyourself) 6.25x1 (@Cotton Park) 6.5x1 (@KimLippington)
@junglefish: 8.5
@savilizabeths: 8.5
5 voters: 72
10 voters: 72
15 voters: 72
20 voters: 74
26 voters: 74

Can you believe a song with zero 10s managed to beat out two 11s? Me either, but here we are. Today we are eliminating 'One Half', a track taken from GFriend's 5th mini album, Parallel. It's written and composed by Iggy and Seo Young-bae, so that's another track in the casket for them. Antis!

Look, I don't really have a whole lot to say about this one. Maybe it's because I lost this entire post and had to redo it again, I don't know. It's not that the song isn't good, because it is. It's really good. Iggy Youngbae really excel at the early GFriend sound. 'One Half' feels just right, a quintessential bside from this era of their career. It has this hopeful, powerful optimistic thing going for it. I feel very uplifted and like I want to run and confess my feelings to someone or something. It's cute, it succeeds at what it sets out to do, but it's not exactly something I have a lot of extensive thoughts on.

I like the way the intro swells and the song builds up over time. The production is very soft and sweet with blossoming strings and soft beats before really picking up and becoming bouncier when the pre-chorus hits, and really exploding with the energy for the chorus. That chorus melody is really strong, I enjoy it a lot. I mean, GFriend always deliver impressive choruses, espeically with Yuju's vocal tone. The overall vocals though....I mean, it's not my favourite. I love her so much but Eunha is not really delivering here. A lot of the parts she's given just sound a little strained. Maybe if she and Yuju had switched their chorus parts? Because Eunha just sounds a little out of depth and weak on her lines. The bridge too...Aah, I hate saying these things about my bias. Please forgive me Eunha!

The lyrics are cute! They sing about finding their other half and becoming one together. I like the lyric "the more I get to know you, the more we resemble each other" because I really connect with it. I've been in a relationship for five and a half years now, and though I am still my own person, we definitely see pick up a lot of habits and aspects of one anothers personalities over time, you know? In the best ways. It connects you. I think it's like that in platonic love too. We all take little bits of the people we love and mirror them, if that makes sense?

Anyway, I guess I found things to say but now that I've shared them, let's hear from the two people who felt this song was notable enough to comment on. Thank you both, I love commentary!

@M24 (7) : I was giving this a much lower score before revising… I don't know why because it's a lowkey bop! I can see why they promoted this bside on music shows. It's one of my least favorites of the album though, but that's because the rest is excellent!

@Wills (7.75) : I like this, but it tiptoes a bit close to schmaltz, plus I keep expecting it to turn into Lovelyz’ (superior) Mi-myo Mi-myo

My lovely co-host @junglefish will be back with you for the next elimination! I promise to keep the results a bit more consistent, but I hope you're enjoying the ride so far! What would you like to see eliminated next? What songs are you shocked are still here? Please share!