GFRIEND - the discography rate ☾ #14

That write up ddddd, especially the G-Dragon shade, I cackled.

As a late comer Buddy, I never watched much variety content with the girls, but what I did watch of Queendom solidified SinB as one of my favorite Idol personalities. Dripping with humor, charisma, and charm. It’s honestly quite refreshing?
This one is for my good sis @Wills:



Very good. SinB in particular brought out the sexy.

aaaand it's another tie!


The light that shined on my young dream
It was from your eyes



Buddies: 9.5x2 (@junglefish, @vague) 9.25x2 (@RUNAWAY, @savilizabeths) 9x3 (@Attis, @eliminathan, @Music Is Death)
Antis: 6.5x1 (@nikkysan) 6.75x1 (@M24) 7x5 (@codecat, @ysev, @Crisp X, @soratami, @Serg.)
@junglefish: 9.5
@savilizabeths: 9.25
5 voters: 72
10 voters: 69
15 voters: 76
20 voters: 64
26 voters: 68

Nooooo, I love this song so much. I can't believe it didn't get any 10! It deserved so much better and I'm so, so disappointed in us.

You Are My Star, also known by its Korean title 'byeol', which means star, is the seventh track from 'Time for the moon night'. It was written and arranged by Zigzag note, a team of composers and lyricists who have worked with many KPJ favorites like Apink, KARA, CLC, TWICE and Melody Day (lol!)

I don't know if I consider You Are My Star a ballad or a midtempo, all I know is that there are so many things I adore about this song and I'm gonna mention them all. First of all, that instrumental... It's absolutely gorgeous and it makes me feel at peace. I don't know how to explain it but it has such a soothing quality...? I also hear some kind of '90s vibes here and there which I'm in love with. Then you've got those sparkly, twinkly synths that make my heart flutter hfdjfhd no but seriously. I'm not joking they really do have that effect on me! There's something so nostalgic about them and those who know me know that I'm all about that good old nostalgia!

Those synths and the song in general bring to my mind early-mid '00s Jpop and in particular the work HΛL did for Ayumi Hamasaki. It's not that You Are My Star sounds like an Ayu song, more so that it shares some of the same qualities. If I'm not making a lot of sense, fear not, I'm gonna link some songs here. Of course You Are My Star is a lot less dramatic than those tracks, but anyway... If you get it you get it, if you don't you don't.

Another thing I appreciate is how understated the girls' vocals are. Parts of the verses almost sound like they're having a conversation, which I really, really enjoy. The alternating vocal and rap lines are also a great touch, making the song feel more dynamic and fresh. It also takes advantage of Sowon's abilities and I truly think she sounds great here and adds a lot to the track.

Oh and Yuju's high note? Well, once again, she sounds incredible. What else did you expect?

@eatyourself (8) : So shiny!!

@M24 (6.75) : This is so soothing, I quite like it. Maybe it could've soared a bit more though, particularly production-wise in the chorus, hence my score.

@thommyh (8.25) : It's pretty, but I feel like it still lacks something. It's quite ballad-styled but the overall production is almost to the level of the majority of their songs (being well.. punchier) but still kinda misses the mark in that regard. An odd stepping stone between the two.


When the cool wind blows over
Will we be able to meet?



Buddies: 9.75x1 (@RUNAWAY) 9.5x1 (@Slice of Life) 9x3 (@Wills, @Monado, @Music Is Death)
Antis: 6.5x1 (@Cotton Park) 6.75x1 (@M24) 7x2 (@boombazookajoe, @soratami)
@junglefish: 8.75
@savilizabeths: 8.5
5 voters: 60
10 voters: 60
15 voters: 61
20 voters: 67
26 voters: 68

Tied with You Are My Star is Windy Windy from the group's summer EP, the aptly titled 'Sunny Summer'.

I'm starting to sound like a broken record here but, say it with me: I love this song! Composed by BOOMBASTIC (IZ*ONE's Memory and Pink Blusher, BDC's Moon Rider and Moonlight...), Windy Windy is another perfect slice of summer in song form. I love how, for the first few seconds of the song, it lets you believe this is gonna be some sort of acoustic affair and then it explodes with that kind of cheesy early '00s pop-rnb sound (I can almost hear the 'ch-ch-check this out' of DIA's Somehow!) before finally finding its true form, which is one of a fairly conventional pop song.

You could dismiss Windy Windy as a filler b-side if it was part of any other GFRIEND release but in the context of 'Sunny Summer', it's so much more than that. Placed between the chirpy Sweety and the elegant Love In The Air it acts as a perfect transition, an upbeat track that manages to feel at once lively and nostalgic. If 'Sunny Summer' was a vacation, Windy Windy would be the last day before you've gotta go back home. You're a bit bummed out but still, you're happy with the memories you've made and that nice little tan you got.

Vocally, Yuju, Eunha and SinB really shine here, managing to capture the spirit of the song in different ways. That one-two punch of the bridge and the last chorus, with Yuju doing the absolute most, is by far my favorite part of the song and offers one of the most memorable high notes in a discography that's chock full of them.

All in all, a brilliant little song.

@M24 (6.75) : The girls sure like the wind, don't they? Dddd I swear I've heard "baram" so many times in their discography. Anyway, this is good, the chorus is alright but nothing to write home about. I do enjoy Yuju (or Eunha's?) high notes in the end, and the glitchy instrumental from the start and end of the song.

@Wills (9) : That little fanfare after the chorus is so good fjdhdhh

Hi Buddies! I want to thank @junglefish for being so kind during my little absence. Thiings have been really rough in my corner but I'm back and ready to work hard. I had a whole damn post written for Windy Windy but my computer crashed. I remember saying that every song on Sunny Summer brings something different to the table but all comes together to create the perfect summer vacation. Windy Windy is the summer romance of the bunch. It's never stagnent, taking you on a journey filled with all of the emotions summer love brings. I can see all the cheesy montages now.

As far as what the other songs remind me of. Sunny Summer is just that classic, perfect summer song. Vacation is running on the beach, playing with beach balls or beach volleyball, splashing in the water etc. I don't know what I mean by this but Sweety sounds like drinking something cold and bubbly, and getting brainfreeze but a good way? And Love in the Air is if you were at a summer dance of some kind with your friends.

If any of that makes sense. Anyhow, an actual elim will be coming soon and someone is going to be pleased.


The water flower brightly sparkles and explodes
Like the hot fireworks of the night sky



Buddies: 10x2 (@aux, @savilizabeths) 9.5x2 (@Monado, @Music Is Death) 9.25x2 (@RUNAWAY, @Wills)
Antis: 3x1 (@boombazookajoe) 6x1 (@Vixen) 6.75x1 (@eliminathan)
@junglefish: 8.25
@savilizabeths: 10
5 voters: 53
10 voters: 76
15 voters: 67
20 voters: 67
26 voters: 67

Congratulations @boombazookajoe, the evil has been defeated. Evil to you at least Personally, I think Water Flower is absolutely incredible and you need your ears checked. But as we are both Yours Truly stans, I might have to let you off.

It's funny that in my mind Water Flower is a polarising song but it's only because our fave LOL anti has been calling for it since day one. In reality, those high scores are pretty impressive! Two 10s, two 9.5s? Not every song has that, no matter how good it is. The song was composed by Hong Beomgyu, Kim Woong (who both also worked on the first track, Fall in Love) and Iggy. I remember changing my score back and forth from a 9 to a 10 during the voting process, and I don't even know how I let myself think this might not be a 10/10.

I feel like we talk about GFriend making anime music a lot, but I like that they make a lot of different types of anime music. Does that make sense? There is a variety. No matter how many antis try to say they do, they don't all sound the same. Water Flower is an anime opening for sure, and I would definitely watch the show it was accompanying. I can see it in my head. It's a very girly, slice of life romance series. Something like Toradora or Ouran High School Host Club. A ton of fun with a great group of friends and, of course, your classic beach episode. Water Flower would soundtrack exactly my type of show, maybe that's why I like it so much?

As soon as it starts, Water Flower has this intense energy. I love the intro with the beating drums alone until the piano slides in and brings everything together. The instrumentation has such a joyful sound to it. The electric guitars sound light, bouncy and playful. The combination of it all just puts a spring in my step. Usually I want my songs to have more dynamics, to really build and develop as time goes but Water Flower hits you right out of the gate. The start of the first verse kinda makes me feel like I'm coming in half way through? But I actually like that about it. It makes it feel different and fun. I love the melodies here too. They bounce around so brightly and with so much relentless energy, it's just so much fun to listen to!

The lyrics are lovely! Every word choice is so pretty. So visual and descriptive. "In the ocean that is filled with the moon, I'm afraid my heart will reflect and be seen by you", beautiful! They sing of summery love. Being happy together and enjoying your memories and all the romantic feelings, while also holding exactly how you feel close to your chest. Like, you don't want to tell the other person just how much you care. Maybe out of fear that it'll break the spell? I don't know I just really enjoy the lyrics. I enjoy the girls vocals too. Some of Eunha's post-chorus notes are....not my favourite tone wise but I love how she sounds the rest of the time. Yuju really shines in the last 30 seconds or so though! She just goes for it with that high note in the last chorus. I kept rewinding to listen to it agian. Talk about stealing the show at the last minute, Yuju! Leave some crumbs for everyone else!

Look, I just love this song. It might actually be the song from LOL that gets stuck in my head most often. It doesn't really sound like it would be as catchy as it is, but it really wedges itself in there. There is so much to love here, even if some people don't get it ddd. That constant, energetic beat is inspiring me to add it to my workout playlist as I started going to the gym recently.

Anyway, hopefully this wasn't too incoherent and rambling, it's been a minute since I sat down to write but I hope you enjoyed reading. Let's hear from our commenters now though.

@M24 (8.75) : Slowly, this song became my favorite bside of the album after Gone With the Wind. It's got a great chorus, and a groovy instrumental, two aspects I can get behind. Maybe I wish there were some more hooks to make it more memorable, but I'll settle for the "banjjak, banjjak" bits which always feel like a sing along moment for me.

@boombazookajoe (3) : It starts off with 70s nu wave beach vibes drums and then turns into literal Sonic The Hedgehog background music. It all just ends up sounding annoying throughout. The part where it sounds like they shout "Fanta! Fanta!" makes me laugh though.

Bye, Water Flower!

And with this elimination I think I’m officially out of my anti era. It’s all good to great bops from here!

EDIT: Also, I LOVE Sonic! I LOVE video games! Fff! I literally have several video game soundtracks on Vinyl I just don’t want that sound in my GFRIEND albums, that’s all! Don’t come for me gaymers, I’m one of you!
I got sick after posting that last elimnation, I got sick. It really knocked me out but I'm finally coming out of the crappiness and will be posting the next elimination this weekend.

Or maybe I've been procrastinating because I'm in denial as this song is a favourite of mine. Make your calls now! What do you want gone?