GFRIEND - the discography rate ☾ #14

Deservedly so?
Absolutely not! One of the most interesting things about their discography is that they always had these very unexpected songs – not unexpected because of the genres they tackled, but unexpected in a way that these songs were so not GFRIEND but also so unique and well put together…Show Up being one of my favorites like this. Especially knowing that it’s made by their Time for the cooch night producer!!! The versatility!!! Time for us is a great album and I hope that Only 1 and It’s You are spared for a while!
Definitely surprised to see this out, I thought bunch of cigarettes will stan anything with a smidget of house influences but a progress in the community has been made, for better or worse.


Also that chorus is a blast, take whatever you said back ! @Wills
Absolutely not! One of the most interesting things about their discography is that they always had these very unexpected songs – not unexpected because of the genres they tackled, but unexpected in a way that these songs were so not GFRIEND but also so unique and well put together…Show Up being one of my favorites like this. Especially knowing that it’s made by their Time for the cooch night producer!!! The versatility!!! Time for us is a great album and I hope that Only 1 and It’s You are spared for a while!

I should have given it a 7
What's that? A title track?


What do I do? Yuju be my
Will you make my wish come true?



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Today we not only enter the top 50 but we also eliminate the second title track of the rate. Do I think 'Sunny Summer' deserved a higher placement? Absolutely, yes. Am I surprised? No, I am simply disappointed. Jokes aside, I'm glad this summer bop made it's way into the top 50 at least. Imagine if we had stopped the count at 20 voters? Do some of you just hate fun?

'Sunny Summer' was written and produced by duo Duble Sidekick (their work is vast and varied but two of my favourite songs they've done are 'Mr. Chu' by Apink and 'Shake It' by Sistar) and Black Edition. On the week of it's release it debuted at number 23 on the Gaon Chart and peaked at number 11 the following week. Not bad at all! Considering Duble Sidekick has done a decent amount of work with summer queens Sistar, I'm not surprised they can deliver a killer song like this. It's a summer Kpop classic to me, agree or not.

I know a lot of the critique of this is it's just a bit...basic for a GFriend title and sure, maybe that's true. Basic or not though, 'Sunny Summer' packs a bright summer-y punch and the girls knock it out of the park. Maybe it's simplicity in comparison to their other title tracks makes it stand out even more in their discography, almost making it unique! I loved it on first listen and my feelings towards it haven't changed at all since. In fact, I've been in a pretty bad place this past week and I wasn't in the mood to sit down and put something as bubbly as this on repeat, even today. But as soon as I did, up went my mood. December in New Zealand also means summer, so it's the perfect time to blast this entire mini album with some cider or lemonade in the sunshine. It's sunny summer season!

The songwriting team found a way to make 'Sunny Summer' truly special by spirnkling in the clever wordplay. Hearing each members name expertly weaved into the song is an adorable delight every single time. And the fact that they got each member to sing the lines their name is featured in? Perfection! If I didn't already think this song was a 10, that would push me over the edge easily. It's infectious. So simple, yet such a fun unique detail that the first time I heard it I let out a squeal of delight. The lyrics overall are very sweet and easy to sing along to, which is truly what I have been doing for the last half an hour. I keep getting distracted.

I wouldn't say there's anything too notable about the vocals, but I like that every girl works together really well. Nobody is overpowering anyone else, they all play a supporting role in making the song as good as possible! I mean, Yuju steals the show with her pre-chorus and her "yeoreum yeoreum e!" but when doesn't she? Look at Sowon getting lines too! I think she sounds really sweet here. They all do.

I know you've been reading for awhile but since this is a title track, let's talk about the music video for a minute. First of all the girls look lovely! I love Eunha's long hair, Sowon's curls and SinB is stunning! Though I'm not the biggest fan of Yerin's bangs, I do think she pulls them off well. The entire video brings a smile to my face and makes me want to get out there and make the most of the summer time. Maybe I'll make a cute little summer bucket list after I finish this. It's one of their most fun videos and the choreography is really enjoyable as well! They just look like they're having such a good time. Yerin's facial expressions are on another level truly, she's a blast to watch!

Alright, I'll stop rambling. I'm still getting back into the habit of writing these but thank you to anyone who actually reads the whole thing. To sum it all up, 'Sunny Summer' is a gem of a GFriend title track and deserves more appreication. I'm happy to see a decent amount of high scores, but it's still gone too soon. Now excuse me as I blast it for the rest of the night.

@eatyourself (6) : It's funny how 70% of my commentary could be summed up into "this makes me want to go to the beach" and yet that feeling doesnt apply here. This is probably my least favorite title track by them, it's just not memorable enough and the chorus is a let down. Eunha sniffing a dirty sock in the video kinda said kink rights though.

@M24 (8.5) : Groovy instrumental, I love 80s-style Gfriend. The "yeoreum yeoreum he" hook is pretty good, helping the chorus stand out. I only give it an 8.5 though because it doesn't feel that special considering their whole discography, and maybe you could argue it's a little generic, in that any group could've pulled off a song like this. I still admit it was nice that they changed up their style after Love Whisper, Summer Rain and Time for the Moon Night, which were sort of of a similar vibe.

@Slice of Life (9) : Kinda basique for a GFriend summer single (like, just compare it with Navillera) but I can’t deny that it’s a motherfucking bop!

@RUNAWAY (10) : I....seriously came around to this song. Like WOW I can’t believe how good this is and how well it's aged.

@Wills (9) : The name dropping remains the cutest thing in the world

And let's pretend I didn't forget to post this in time:

Season of Glass
Glass Bead

Flower Bud
Me Gustas Tu
Under the Sky

Say My Name

Gone with the Wind

The Awakening
Hear the Wind Sing


Ave Maria
Life is a Party

Summer Rain

Time for the Moon Night
Time for the Moon Night
Love Bug
Flower Garden
Tik Tik

Sunny Summer
Sunny Summer

Time for Us
You Are Not Alone

Only 1
Truly Love

It's You

Fever Season
Mr. Blue

Fallin' Light
Fallin' Light


Here We Are

回:Song of the Sirens
Eye of the Storm
Room of Mirrors
Tarot Cards

回:Walpurgis Night
Love Spell
Three of Cups

Better Me
Night Drive
Wheel of the Year



Flower petals fluttering in the blue sky
Just like destiny, would you come for me one day?



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Time for the Moon Night loses another song today. It's been awhile, which is good because the remaining songs on this mini album are some of my favourites in their discography. 'Tik Tik' is absolutely brilliant, but I suppose it would be my pick to leave out of the bunch. If I had my way though, every single song from Time for the Moon Night would make it into the top thirty or higher. I really do adore this album so much.

Iggy & Yongbae are also making their return and they knocked it out the park here, they really did. These are some of my favourite melodies in their music, they really make my heart skip a beat. There's just something so delightful about them. The song is just so catchy, it gets stuck in my head for days. Every moment feels unique and exciting but in a sort of understated way. The song isn't screaming out it's greatness but if you let it get it's hooks into you, I think it's impossible not to fall in love. How can you not smile listening to that chorus? I love the part where you think the bridge is over and heading back to the chorus but they hit you with an entirely new melody line and then an infectious instrumental section. Brilliant!

The instrumentation is so much fun too. It fits perfectly into the work that Iggy & Yongbae have done with GFriend, their signature sound but it feels special somehow. While I do focus more on the melodies here, the instrumental break really highlights how score the production is. That intro too! This sounds silly but I've been playing a lot of Superstar LOONA and I think 'Tik Tik' would have been so fun if I had played Superstar GFriend when it was around. 'Tik Tik' also has one of their most satisfying line distributions, at least for me. It's very even. They don't really utilize Yuju very much but on a song like this, I don't really think they needed to. Her parts fit her voice perfectly, just as the rest of the girls sound gorgeous in their given sections. I was actually surprised when I realised it was SinB on the first half of the chorus. I forget how sweet she can make her voice sound at times. I almost thought it was Umji or Eunha. Maybe it's because of how addictive I find that chorus, but I think SinB and Eunha deliver my favourite performances here.

I suppose I only have one complaint, and it's very minor. It just ends so suddenly. I still think I should have given it a 10 but I find it really jarring every time the song finishes. I think they could have just given it a little more and the song would be absolutely perfect! Oh well, even the best things in life have flaws.

We return to an earlier release for our next cut, any guesses?

@eatyourself (5) : I never remember how this one goes and it only gets worse with time.

@Attis (8) : I need additional chorus after the original chorus, it felt a bit unfinished.

@M24 (8.5) : The production builds up a lot of intensity to get to that chorus, only to pull back and then buildup again as it's finishing. It's sort of a weird approach for me, but somehow it works! The "malhae mal" part is super catchy! I went back and forth between scoring this higher or lower than the TT and Love Bug... eventually I decided to score the latter a few more points.

@Crisp X (8) : This would fit today’s landscape well, oddly. The funky bass and the slight disco influences… yup yup. And that instrumental break slaps.

@thommyh (10) : That instrumental part whewww.

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The newly spreading future, hello
I'm dreaming under this white sky.



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'Flower Bud' loses another song with Under the Sky leaving at #48.

Written and composed by Iggy, one half of the incredible production team Iggy Youngbae, and two persons with no other credits to their names, 'Under the Sky' is one of those early GFRIEND songs that feel so important in defining the group's sound and concept. You got that nostalgic feeling that makes you think this could be a bside on SNSD's debut album, you got those great vocals most of the girls came to be known for, adlibs aplenty, high notes and that rush of pure concept sugary goodness. A lot of people in those days and even later compared GFRIEND's music to anime music, meaning something you could hear as the opening or ending theme of an anime, and I can definitely hear that in some sections of Under the Sky. It might not be the type of song you think of when you think of the word 'anthemic', but it is! It really, really is. I don't think it's possible to listen to it and not feel energized and a at least a little bit happier.

Adding to all that are the lyrics which are a perfect companion to the sound. They're so uplifting and, sure, maybe a little cheesy but who cares? It's what you'd expect from a song like that and it works. I have several favorite moments but this one I like in particular:

When the future I’m dreaming of becomes blurry
When I get nervous because I don’t know when it’ll come
Then I’ll whisper to myself
Cast a spell, you can do it some day

Come on! Of course that kind of message is nothing new but sometimes it just feels nice to have someone sing in your ear about not giving up and that yes, despite whatever hardships you are going through, soon it will all be behind you. Now, I know it can also be kind of patronizing but let's keep it positive and not get into that, because I'm in a good mood. And actually I'm in an ever better mood after listening to Under the Sky while writing this elimination! I really should have given it a 10.

Speaking of 10s, it only got one from pure concept aficionado @codecat, who unfortunately didn't leave any commentary. Not many did actually, so let's keep it short and get to the ones we got.

@M24 (6.75) : I like the guitars, but the song itself is so… there. I still can't remember how it goes after I listen to it. It's still the best bside of the album, although that's not saying much. Neverland this ain't.

@Wills (9.5) : Listening to this, I was struck by how grand and fleshed-out it felt – and then I realised it’s one of their few tracks that clears the 4 minute mark! Devoting the extra bit of time for a victory lap was a wise call, and something I wish they’d had more opportunities to try.

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Your gestures are like a landmark
My eyes are opened to a hidden heart



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I'm going to be completely honest here, Parallel is not a GFriend album I return to as often as the vast majority of their discography. It has bops and, while this is an unpopular opinion, 'Love Whisper' is up there in my favourite title tracks. Yet there's just something missing. Nothing feels overwhelmingly memorable for me. So, eliminating 'Life is a Party' doesn't really upset me in the way some past eliminations have. In fact, my last elimination was 'Tik Tik' and I think that should have lasted way beyond this.

The team behind 'Life is a Party' includes Hyuk Shin, RE:ONE, Davey Nate, MAFLY & Ponde. Several of them have pretty impressive Kpop discographies and MAFLY has already appeared in this rate a couple of times. In the song, the girls sing of love with some imagery of sunshine and fun. It does feel a bit summer-y and the lyrics do add to that. How many times can I say a GFriend song feels like a summer day? The true summer queens! It's definitely nothing that stands out lyrically but I do especially like the phrase "Questions fill my head. Exclaimation points wrap around me."

Yeah, I definitely think I overscored this. It's a solid 8, scratch the .75. It's good, it really is! It's hard not to enjoy it's bouncing vibes and bright vibe-y chorus. It's just not their best. The instrumentation is fun, but it doesn't give me everything it could I feel. The vocals are pretty, but they can deliver more. The melodies are catchy for sure, but they don't get stuck in my head the way so many do in this discography. It's all good but none of it is great. Except, perhaps, those raps! Those sections really add something special to the song. I find them quite addictive actually, especially SinB's parts. She absolutely kills it. Actually, she's my favourite vocal performance here too. Something about her tone.

I feel like such a downer here when I'm usually so enthusiastic. 'Life is a Party' is an enjoyable slice of retro pop with some bright raps that do elevate it. It's a party I would definitely attend, it's just not a favourite. Tell me how you feel in the thread and let's hear from the commenters!

@eatyourself (8.5) : This sounds like a Madonna - True Blue album track!

@M24 (8.5) : I love those synths! It's a little stagnant compared to Ave Maria, but still pretty good. I think my favorite part are the raps though, Sinb killed it!

@ysev (9.5) : Living my Sophie Marceau in La Boum fantasy to this gem/jam!

@Slice of Life (9.5) : Come on, rap chanteuses!!!!!!!!!!

@Wills (8) : Wish it popped off a bit more, this is serving Life is a Potluck at best

@thommyh (5) : Too weak in production methinks.


( TIE )

The more you close your eyes, the more you can hear
Go on and cross the rainbow in my heart.



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I feel like I may have cursed 'Time for Us' when I pointed out that it had been left practically untouched for a good part of the rate...

Truly Love, composed by Rim Go (Golden Child's I Know, Drippin's Firefly) and Woong Kim (IZ*ONE's Panorama, WJSN's Where You Are, VIVIZ's BOP BOP!...) is the seventh track on GFRIEND's second full length album, the aforementioned 'Time for Us'. And it's... so good? Why am I the only 10 here? Granted, Truly Love is giving some strong junglefish culture vibes but still, it deserved better than one measly 10.

What I love the most about this track is that it's trop bop adjacent and if you buddies know me even just a little, you know that I'll never turn my back on trop bops. It packs that sweet but melancholic punch I so badly crave every day of my life and for that it has earned a spot amongst my favorite GFRIEND album tracks. Well, when I remember it exists. Because for all the love I have for this song, I tend to listen to it only when I listen to 'Time for Us' or when I do a full discography listen (usually while sticking pins in a voodoo doll resembling Source Music's CEO.) Truth be told, it's not the most memorable song out there and it lacks one defining moment like, I don't know, a spectacular high note, a bridge that switches things up a bit or even Sowon trying to rap. Still, as I said before, I absolutely adore Truly Love and I wish it had gone further in the rate though I do understand why it failed to leave much of an impression on some of you.

Our eagle-eyed voters will have noticed that we're in for another tie! I'll try my best to post it very soon but before all that let's get to your commentary!

@eatyourself (9) : This makes me so happy and sad at the same time. The bass lines on this album are some of the best in their discography.

@M24 (6.75) : It's a bit of a soulless bop for me. In particular, the production in the chorus sounds super empty and lazy. It's decent, simply not good enough compared to the rest of their discography.

@Wills (9.5) : Structurally this feels like a trial run for Fever. And you know what? They nailed it here too!

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