GFRIEND - the discography rate ☾ #14

The top 40 is mostly great, but Fever Season and Walpurgis Night both could do with a bit of a cull. As for LOL being down to two songs... @boombazookajoe you will be dealt with.
Point to the song on Walpurgis Night that shouldn't be here QUICKLY.

Are you saying there will be a cull soon or that I will be dealt with soon? (or both ddd)
Are you saying there will be a cull soon or that I will be dealt with soon? (or both ddd)
Gonna leave this unanswered to keep you afraid and on your best behavior
It's true that Compas suffers slightly for the Airplane comparison, but I'd argue it beats the original in one respect: the chorus' vocal melody is so lovely, and would've been just as compelling paired with any other production style. Ultimately both songs are excellent and I'm sad this is out!
Point to the song on Walpurgis Night that shouldn't be here QUICKLY.
Better Me
Night Drive
Wheel of the Year
☝️☝️☝️ Nice songs, but way out of their depth at this point
It's true that Compas suffers slightly for the Airplane comparison, but I'd argue it beats the original in one respect: the chorus' vocal melody is so lovely, and would've been just as compelling paired with any other production style. Ultimately both songs are excellent and I'm sad this is out!

☝️☝️☝️ Nice songs, but way out of their depth at this point

...I refuse to listen to Night Drive and Wheel of the Year slander of any kind.
Today we 11!


In the empty mirror, I run and run to you
You turn around as if bewitched and blame me.



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Antis: 6x1 (@boombazookajoe) 6.5x1 (@Cotton Park) 7x2 (@Monado @Serg.) 7.5x1 (@eatyourself)
@junglefish: 10
@savilizabeths: 9.25
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10 voters: 39
15 voters: 37
20 voters: 41
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It took quite awhile but we begin the top 40 by eliminating another song that recieved the coveted score of 11! The lovely @M24 hasn't been seen on the forum in a long time but I hope they are happy their favourite song in the rate made it this far. 'Room of Mirrors' is an album track from GFriend's second to last release Song of the Sirens and was written by singer-songwriter Caroline Gustavason, Steven Lee, No Ju-hwan, D.Ori, Kim Kiwi and Lee Won-jong. Lee Won-jong and No Ju-hwan also handled the production.

God, what a gorgeous track!! I know it's not a huge difference but I find myself wishing I had bitten the bullet and given 'Room of Mirrors' full marks. I think I was just getting nitpicky and thinking I had too many times while attempting to vary my scores. Regardless of my lapses of judgement, I am floored every time I listen to this. Part of the songs description says "GFriend's matured vocals stands out expressing a confused state of heart through a mournful voice" and I think they said it perfectly. I think there's a real maturity that shines through the girls last few releases. Everything is richer with even more emotive presence, which is impressive considering I think GFriend have excelled at conveying emotion through music. They're just so captivating to listen to here. Sowon's one vocal line is one of her best, she sounds so steady and lovely. Eunha's understated airy delivery matches up with the feelings of the song perfectly. SinB's tone continues to be one of my favourites, she's a huge standout here. And though Yuju isn't belting to the gods here, she shines. The way she sings "run away for me" gives me chills. The dynamics she uses make it so special. She knows when to go for it and when to pull back to just make you feel something. A vocalist!

It's also worth a mention that we get a cute rap version from MC Sowon here. I really like it actually. Sort of emotive spoken word vibes.

Song of the Sirens has wonderful production all around. The songs feel so big with all the lush instrumentation. 'Room of Mirrors' is no exception. The orchestration is beautiful. I love how often GFriend tracks go for it with the strings. Here they are so dynamic, I'm obsessed. The production adds the perfect amount of drama to pair with the heartbreaking lyrics. I actually forgot just how raw these words feel, and I truly connect with a lot of them right now. This verse in particular has me tearing up a little bit.

I'm sick of everything
I want to find the parts of myself that are disappearing
Painful moments endlessly trap me
I don't want to see it anymore

The songwriters are just hitting me where it hurts with that one, god. There is something so sweetly sad about the way all the elements come together. The dramatic instrumentation, the almost broken sounding vocals, the achingly gorgeous lyrics. It sounds so pretty yet so painful. I didn't talk about Umji's vocals before but that bridge is truly her moment. She is an actress the way she delivers "There's no one here, I'm trapped on all sides". It's gutting. A small moment but so powerful. Honestly, everyone involved with this song knocked it out of the park and every word I write leaves me wishing I had raised my score. It wouldn't have been enough to raise the placement, but it would have made me feel better ddd.

Enough from me, let's hear from you guys. Especially our top scorer.

@eatyourself (7.5) : This song has lots of elements that would make me give it an instant 10, but I find it to be too low key. The beat line pops off though.

@ysev (10) : This sounds like the music from a ball in Crystal Tokyo while Queen Serenity and King Endymion dance. So dreamy.

@Wills (8.75) : The trombone or whatever is so good we needed more of that!

@M24 (11): Honestly, this song was just another album track when I started the rate. However, the more I listened to all their discography, the more this song kept rising in my ranking. As I took the time to focus completely on it, I realized this might just be one of my favorites. It's so beautifully haunting... those melodies in the latter half of the chorus, Sowon's rap that reminds me of Kahi's somehow, the striking Umji bridge, and to top it all off, lyrics that talk seem to talk about self-hate. Maybe it's not objectively their best song, but I'm going with a strategical 11 this time because I'm not sure if this will be appreciated enough, especially because Tarot Cards tends to be the favorite bside of this mini.

Will we have any meltdowns in the thread? Share your opinions! Until next time xx


My feelings are growing
Like a flower that blooms and scatters away.



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Antis: 6.5x1 (@nikkysan) 7x2 (@Serg., @Remorque) 7.25x1 (@KimLippington) 7.5x1 (@Attis)
@junglefish: 8
@savilizabeths: 9
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Ooooh. Okay. I think Flower is one of those songs that definitely suffered a bit for being a Japanese single and not a Korean one. I'm convinced if it had been a Korean single, it would have ranked better. I know the Korean version was included on 'Fever Season' but I truly feel like it had the potential to lead an EP, it's that good. Why then did I only give it an 8? Well, truth be told, I listened to Flower so much when it was first released that by the point we had to rate GFRIEND's discography, I was a little sick of it. Still, #39 is a respectable position so let's just all be happy it reached the top 40.

Flower is a rush. Right out of the gate, you're assaulted by the pure energy this little song has. Clearly influenced by latin music, it mixes those influences with GFRIEND's orchestral sound, abandoning the heavy synths of their other high energy songs like Fingertip for a more brassy sound. The result is... so good? It makes me wish we got more songs like that from them. The chorus is infectious, fun and, to stay in theme, makes you feel like you've just snorted a ton of pollen. I don't actually know what would happen if you did that, so don't try it but anyways. I love ridiculous hooks, so those 'piririririri' and 'surururururu' parts are perfect for me, so addictive and again, FUN.

Apart from the chorus, there are two other highlights in my opinion: the bridge which is gorgeous, starting a little slower and letting you think you're finally gonna be able to breathe a little, until the rhythm picks up again and Yuju decides to BELT for her life, offering us another flawless power note like only she can do. The other hightlight is just before the bridge and it's the instrumental part that serves as a dance break in the song's video. I love instrumentals, they're without a doubt the most important part of a track. In general, if an instrumental is truly good, a song won't be ruined by weak vocals. The opposite isn't true. In that case, we got both great vocals and a great instrumental so we're hashtag blessed, but it's a real treat to get to hear all those production flourishes without vocals on top of it. The song was composed by 13, a team of producers that latter went on to work extensively with LE SSERAFIM, having a hand in producing their entire discography so far.

I'm not gonna say much about the video except that I adore the bullfighters outfit and the choreography loosely inspired by tango. Other than that, the girls look beautiful and the colors are pretty, vibrant and fit the song perfectly. The whole thing is a perfect package and it's a shame it only peaked at #9 on the Oricon Charts because it deserved a lot better. Let's be real. If TWICE had released this song, it would have been LAUDED in Japan, and they'd be praised for doing a salsa concept.

Let's now read what you had to say about Flower!

@eatyourself (10) : I wish they had more songs with horns!!! The musical ones, not the demonic ones.

@M24 (8.5) : I expected a latin bop from the intro and I was disappointed ddd. The end result is still nice, it doesn't hold a candle (I can't say this word without thinking of Wonder Girls' song now ugh, maybe listening to Reboot was a mistake) to most of their korean material though, but it doesn't need to as it's perfectly boppable. I much prefer it to Memoria and Fallin' Light.

@Slice of Life (10) : Another homerun of a song wowowow! That chorus is bulletproof!

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Legit top 5 title tracks of theirs – it’s so different but it also feels so them? I think this was one of those rare times where could see an evolution from early GFRIEND to something a bit less naive but it’s too bad that it was Japan focused!!!! No shade to Japan tho!!!

Your eyes are like the blue sky
Brighter than sunshine, it shines even more



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Happy 8th Anniversary to the GFriend girlies! It's insane to think that they debuted a whole eight years ago!!! It was also so sweet to see them all post on Instagram about it. GFriend forever! It's only fitting (I can't believe it worked out this way) that we return to this debut for todays elimination.

Sadly, it's time to say goodbye to 'Neverland', which I consider one of the best of their earlier bsides. Based on the number of 10s this recieved, I don't think I'm alone in that feeling. There are days I would even rate this above 'Glass Bead'! The song features lyrics by Eden Beatz, a singer/songwriter who was formally also under Source Music and has done a lot of work with BTOB and ATEEZ. It was produced by ZigZag Note (Apink, April, Kara) and Kang Myung-shin. I definitely think they all nailed it.

This song is just so girly in the best of ways! It's got that perfect 90s/2000s, hanging in my bedroom singing into my hairbrush about my crush of the month vibe. I'm giggling, I'm twirling my hair, I'm kicking my feet. It's a very bold song lyrically though. There's action as opposed to simple dreaming and pining. They're kissing him and they don't care who sees. That "I don't care" is so triumphant and fun to sing along to. Actually, there are a lot of perfect sing-along moments here! "KISS ME BABY!" "WELCOME TO THE NEVERLAND!" and my personal favourite "Oh my god! Love! My boy!" I don't know what it is about that part but it has it's hooks in me and I'm addicted. It's the perfect teenage sleepover song I feel, I can just picture making up a dance to this with my friends when I was a pre-teen!

I can't get enough of the production! It's so bloop-y and buzz-y with it's electronic elements. Parts just sound like it's sparkling. It all really adds to the energy the song has. It sounds young, it sounds fun, it's bubbly and it never gets boring. There's always a little sound that grabs your attention. It's got a great groove, it's impossible for me not to bob my head along and do a little dance in my seat. How could you not? It's got fun little harmonies and background vocals. I don't know if this makes sense but instead of sounding like six girls in vocal booths recording seperately, 'Neverland' sounds so unified. A group of girls singing together, sometimes call and response style even. It's just got that joined exuberance that you feel when you're messing around and singing with people you love. That's why, even though I don't think it's anyone's strongest vocal performance (I mean, they were rookies), I like that imperfection! I think it adds to the songs strengths perfectly because songs that feel like this don't have to be vocal masterpieces. I mean, Yuju still sounds amazing though!

I must also mention that the lyrics are lovely! I enjoy the comparison of falling in love to flying to Neverland. That's just perfect. Falling in love feels like jumping off a cliff and realising you can fly. I actually think the chorus perfectly sums up how kissing my partner of six years for the first time felt. It's cheesy maybe, but it feels right.

I knew the early bsides were going to struggle, that's expected. So, I'll just be happy 'Neverland' made it this far, even if I believe in my heart that it deserved more. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to sing "Oh my god! Love! My boy!" on repeat all day and annoy my partner.

@eatyourself (8) : Makes me feel like I'm trying on expensive looks I can't afford in a japanese department store in the 90s.

@Attis (10) : Hook after hook after hook

@M24 (8) : This is a bop that totally passes you by the first few times you listen to the album. This is why I love doing rates… before I started scoring, I was almost convinced there was no good bside in the early albums and BOY was I wrong, that chorus hits you right in the face. Also, I love how they were supposedly super innocent, but they had a lyric on the very first album talking about kissing boys and not caring who's watching! Queens of being mature in their innocent era.

@Wills (10) : I so badly wanted to give this my 11, but went with something that felt a bit more true to the group’s history and legacy. Still, it blows my mind that this was a b-side on their very first release: an onslaught of hooks from start to finish, with excellent production flourishes around every corner. Oddly, the comparison that comes to mind is Kylie’s work from the late ‘00s/early ‘10s: this would slot perfectly on Aphrodite (or blow the entirety of Kiss Me Once out of the water)

Some tea for the next almost recieved my 11.

Oops, it wasn't my intention to hold the result hostage THAT long, but we're here now.


Put your thoughts down when you're passing this road
So that you can see this night clearly



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@junglefish: 8.5
@savilizabeths: 10
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It is on this day that I, Popjustice user savilizabeths, must eliminate a song that almost recieved my bonus point. 'Night Drive' is one of the trio of duet tracks on GFriend's final album, Walpurgis Night. This one is sung by vocal queens Yuju & Eunha and is the second duet to exit the rate, leaving Umji & Sowon's 'Better Me' as the final duo track standing. It actually peaked the lowest on the Gaon Download Chart at #107, while the first eliminated unit song, 'Secret Diary', peaked the highest and #102. Interesting.

Written and composed by frequent GFriend collaborator, No Ju-hwan, the song also features Eunha & Yuju in the writing credits! They did a wonderful job, because the lyrics to 'Night Drive' are absolutely beautiful. The best way I can describe the song is melancholy. Everything about it from the lyrics to the instrumenation to the girls vocal performance. Lyrically it feels sad and uplifting at the same time. The "I'm fine, I'm good. I'm fine, I'm good enough" part feels so hopeful and tugs at my heart strings every time. The official descripton says that the song is about "giving comfort to yourself and between each other every night that it is okay to change your destination when it's not easy to get to your designated destination." I definitely feel that comfort here. I feel like I'm being reassured and held close when I listen to 'Night Drive' and that's part of what makes it so special. I actually feel like this is a song where the lyrics don't translate as impactful as they probably are to Korean speakers. The English translated lyrics are lovely, but I have a feeling they're even lovelier than the translation can convey.

I suppose I'm not surprised by the songs elimination. It's a understated ballad after all and while that is very much my thing, it isn't for everyone. Especially here. The song is so special to me though, I hoped it might go a little further. Sadly upping my score to 11 would not have made a difference. One of our commentors @M24 says that the song is a little disappointing because it doesn't give Yuju & Eunha the chance to truly show off what they can do vocally. I don't agree with this actually. We have heard what they can do and I like that instead they chose to go a different route and show that there's beauty in simplicity. I still think this is a gorgeous vocal showcase for both of them! It's the perfect song for both of their voices. Yuju's tone is smoky and rich and Eunha's is so sweet and clear, they come together to convey the feelings of the song perfectly while also sounding fantastic! They harmonize incredibly too, the blend is gorgeous. I genuinely get chills listening to this. It's hauntingly beautiful!

Since I am singing the songs praises, I am going to list some of my favourite parts for you now! The production on the intro and the first verse, I feel like it sets up the vibes really well and I really enjoy the finger snaps. Eunha's delicate phrasing in the first verse, I don't know how to describe but something about the way she sings every word so specifically??? I love the way it sounds! "Smoke doesn't make me feel good." The fact that both verses have different melodies! It adds interest and highlights each girls voice so well! Everything about that bridge! The way they trade lines so smoothly, it's such a great climax before falling beautifully into Eunha's low harmony. It just flows so well! The way Eunha sounds so pretty on her gentle, falsetto moments and how effortlessly Yuju travels from note to note. THAT FUZZY EFFECT ON YUJU'S VOICE AT THE END OF THE BRIDGE! I go nuts for it every time. It adds this darkness and just sounds so unique but fits the songs vibes so well! Eunha's ad libs on the final chorus! And of course, finally, as I have already mentioned..."I'm fine, I'm good. I'm fine, I'm good enough!" Perfection!

All of that to say, while the song may seem simple and understated, it has so much going on. So many little standout moments that draw me in, no matter how many times I hear it. It really is in my top two GFriend songs, and I think it forever will be. It's also a song that I learned and is one of the few Kpop songs I feel completely comfortable and confident singing! So, it has that added layer of specialness for me.

Actually listen to it on a night drive by the way, or a night bus ride if you're me because I don't drive. It elevates it even more! Now onto our commentary!

@eatyourself (10) : This song hurts so much. I heard it so often right before they disbanded that when the news came out this song hit even harder. It's so mellow and touching but still somewhat somber and melancholic. Their voices go so well together here, probably because they sing in a key they are comfortable in. "Smoke doesn't make me feel good" never leaves my head. I'm rooting for a VIVIZ x Yuju collab stage of this one.

@M24 (6.5) : For a Yuju and Eunha downtempo, I'm a little whelmed. I expected a song where they could show off their vocals some more. And even then, the production itself is a little too stagnant, except for that AMAZING middle-8 where it kicks it up a notch and becomes a more moody affair for a little bit. Wish that energy had been carried in the rest of the song.

@Wills (8.25) : This came on as I was approaching downtown after midnight and you know what? It kinda slayed!