GFRIEND - the discography rate ☾ #14

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I must say, Eunha (in addition to being a perfect specimen, a force of charisma, perfect idol etc. etc.) really caught my attention with the more left-field collaborations she’s done:

Her voice really suits these kinds of quirky instrumentals – to the extent that I recently referred to Make U Dance as an Eunha solo, forgetting that Adora was the primary artist/even there at all fffff. Sadly Ravi is harder to ignore!
What are YOUR favorite Eunha moment? What made you fall in love with her and why is she such a legend?​

Just submitted too! My averages are a bit all over the place, and I'm not sure if they reflect how I feel about their albums, but I'm surprised at how much I enjoy early Gfriend too! I had convinced myself before this rate that their early discography was a mixed bag, and I'm glad this changed for me after revisiting all their songs.

Season of Glass 7.666667
Flowerbud 6.8125
Snowflake 8.1
LOL 7.9
The Awakening 8
Rainbow 8.15625
Time for the Moon Night 7.666667
Sunny Summer 7.1
Time for Us 7.568182
Fever Season 8.041667
Fallin Light 7.375
Labyrinth 7.666667
Song of the Sirens 8.708333
Walpurgis Night 8.21875
Extras 6.125