GFRIEND - the discography rate ☾ #14

Lea-leaderboard tea? In my GFRIEND rate? Never thought I'd see the day!

Yes buddies, we have finally hit 5 voters nn, so here goes:
  • Out of 5 voters, only one has given their 11 to a title track
  • A title track is winning
  • Only one song has an average below 5
  • One album has taken quite a beating
  • We got way too many ties so hurry and help us break them!
I'd also like to announce our new deadline:

Voting closes Thursday, March 31, 11:59 pm

This is the FINAL FINAL deadline. There won't be any more extension, so please send us your ballots before then.
I'll ask the lovely @Slice of Life to tag you all in a couple days, just in case.

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Scores submitted.

Season of Glass 6.83
Flower Bud 7.5
Snowflake 7.6
LOL 6.15
The Awakening 8.08
Parallel 7.58
Rainbow 8
Time For The Moon Night 8.33
Sunny Summer 7.5
Time For Us 8.18
Fever Season 8.5
Fallin' Light 8.06
Labyrinth 8.5
Song Of The Sirens 7.75
Walpurgis Night 9.57 (ffff)
Extras 6

I only shelled out 9 10s, since so much of this music was new to me and it I usually need to sit with a song for a while before it screams 10 to me, but I also didn't give out more than 4 scores below a 6, so the consistency in quality is definitely there! I definitely discovered a number of gems on this list, and I'm very curious how my scores do or don't align with the general consensus.


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FINALLY done with my scores! I wouldn't be surprised if I have one of the highest overall averages. Their discography is just without fault aside from a couple early songs. Rooting for my non-single 11 to do well, and I can't wait for this to start!!!


Season of Glass: 9.583333333
Flower Bud: 8.75
LOL: 8.225
The Awakening: 9.166666667
RAINBOW: 9.28125
Time for the Moon Night: 9.5
Sunny Summer: 9.4
Time for Us: 8.772727273
Fallin' Light: 9.25
回:LABYRINTH: 9.875
回:Song of the Sirens: 9.583333333
回:Walpurgis Night: 10.125
Extras: 8.1875

Ffffff I.....regret NOTHING. Girls would KILL for the quality of those last 3 releases.
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Slice of Life

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Just got to Here We Are…….

Pleek Buddies, let’s not do this little masterpiece wrong!!!!! I am begging!!!!!!! That chorus just sends me to another dimension!!! And I promise you will also be sent to another dimension (aka the Banned Members list) if you decide to tank it!!!!