GFRIEND - the discography rate ☾ #14

Her pole dancing skills?
Call me a basic binch but absolutely!!


And also for her arm wrestling skills!! The other girls had no chance against her.

That aside, she has such a serene and powerful way of singing, which is why the mellow vibes of her solo music perfectly suits her so far.
And so it begins....

Oh Difficult made sure not to fit in so she can leave instantly.


A flower without thorns, I was unworthy
Trying to love without getting hurt, I can't do it



Buddies: 9x2 (@Music Is Death, @eliminathan) 8.5x2 (@Wills, @Monado)
Antis: 0x1 (@Serg.) 3x1 (@Crisp X) 4x3 (@codecat, @nikkysan, @Vixen)
@junglefish: 6.5
@savilizabeths: 4.5
5 voters: 96
10 voters: 96
15 voters: 96
20 voters: 96
26 voters: 96

Welcome Buddies, it's time to (finally) begin! To the surprise of no one, the only song where GFriend share the stage with men is the first to leave. Misandry is alive and well on this subforum I see. Look at that sad leaderboard journey! There truly was no hope for this song. So today we say goodbye to 'Oh Difficult'.

The men in question are Sonar Pocket, a three member Japanese pop group who have been around since 2008, though apparently two of them debuted as a duo before that. Anyway, that's probably more than you cared to know about them in the first place, yeah? Other than that though, I really can't find much information about this song or the reason for it's existence with the exception of a somewhat poor quality, non-subbed Making Video so that didn't help.

As for the song itself, uhhh...Okay, well maybe I underscored it a tad. It's not the worst thing I've ever heard. It definitely sounds like something you would hear in a romance anime, which is fitting as Sonar Pocket have provided the theme song for several anime titles. The melody and instrumentation are actually quite nice in places and the girls sound lovely, of course! The biggest problem is that the men here are just not very good, are they? The vocals can be a struggle to listen to at times and the mixing is a little rough. And that rap? Over the top of some very pretty sweet vocals that I wish I could hear better but I can't because these men are chanting? Immediate disqualification.

@eatyourself (4.75) : They are above this!! SouMu how could you!!

@Attis (5) : Neverland, a b-side from 2015, are much better produced than this. Mindboggling.

@M24 (5) : This is a tough one to rate. Undeniably, there's a lot of Sonar Pocket in this song, and I wish they hadn't mixed their vocals in the first verse and choruses. On the flipside, Eunha's voice in particular sounds ANGELIC here, and all the girls shine in that second verse. The song itself isn't much to write home about though, so I'm giving it my lowest score of the whole rate because I genuinely don't care for it. It would be a different thing if this were a solo Gfriend song.

@Slice of Life (6) : The girls sound great. The boys, however……. Yeah

@Crisp X (3) : Why are those men singing like they’re choking on a straw?

@Wills (8.5) : I actually quite like this! Interesting melody and mix of vocal tones

@thommyh (6) : Brave of these men to think they could compete vocally here.

@Serg. (0) : I have no time for men speaking or existing on my GFriend tracks, good night!

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