GFRIEND - the discography rate ☾ #31

I actually kind of like Starry Sky. How did I wind up in the antis?

Somebody hurry up and eliminate Mermaid or Crème Brûlée juseyo, all these horrible opinions are giving me a rash

Keep this song out of your dusty mouth! Crème Brûlée is here to stay until the Top 50 at least, unless not everyone on here was gifted with good taste, which I'm starting to believe more and more!


If this goes out next though

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What song is missing the Top 80?

None of you guessed it....


You're asleep in my mind, I'll take you out.
I will tell you all the stories I haven't told you yet.



Buddies: 10x1 (@ysev) 9x1 (@Music Is Death) 8.5x3 (@savilizabeths, @aux, @boombazookajoe) 8.25x2 (@junglefish, @vague)
Antis: 4.5x1 (@eatyourself) 5.5x1 (@Monado) 6x1 (@Serg.) 7x2 (@Crisp X, @soratami)
@junglefish: 8.25
@savilizabeths: 8.5
5 voters: 65
10 voters: 80
15 voters: 81
20 voters: 81
26 voters: 81

Oh, we were wrong for this. 'Luv Star' leaves us today, exiting just before the top 80. Deserved? No, not at all. 'Snowflake' really did give us some quality b-sides and this one is no exception. It was written and composed by the legendary and he really captured the early GFriend sound perfectly here. I love it so much!

'Luv Star' is bursting with bright, powerful optimism. The spoken section that opens the song is very cute, though sadly I can't find a translation so I have no idea what they're saying. It feels very "best friends in the schoolyard" type vibes, if that makes sense? And then the song immediately hits you with that chorus! What a chorus it is! It's euphoric and it's truly had me in a chokehold over the last few days. I really should have given it a 10 for that alone. The verses are more understated, which works perfectly to give the chorus that punch. I really do love the verses too, and especially the pre-chorus. The "shureu shureureu" part sounds so sweet and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy like a teenager in love or something.

I am obsessed with the instrumentation too! Thank you to Kwon Suk-hong for the chirpy, incredibly fun strings arrangement. I absolutely adore it. I am a huge strings fan in any song, but in more upbeat songs they're even better. It just adds something extra special. I love how they pick up in the second verse, making it sound more impactful and dramatic. And of course, the post-chorus section sounds so energetic and exciting. It gets stuck in my head all the time. That final chorus is so powerful too. I just think that the instrumentation and melodies here are a true highlight in their early discography.

I honestly don't have much to say about the vocal performances here. I find it interesting that so much of the song is sung in unision, which is actually a really fun aspect of it. It does mean that nobody stands out particularly, at least to my ears. I mean, of course Yuju's ad libs at the end sound fantastic as always. Actually, SinB might be my favourite here. Maybe it's because she got the "shureu shureureu" parts and I just think she sounds lovely there.

My only real complaint is that the song feels a little short. The climax of the final chorus is great but it could have been more impactful with an actual bridge to build from. The song just kinda ends too soon for me. Regardless though, I wish I had given it a 10. Or at least a 9.5. That's my mistake and I'll have to live with it. This song has been a little ray of sunshine over the past week, which is something I've really needed.

@eatyourself (4.5) : I appreciate the usage of Björk's tesla instrument but this ain't getting no stars from me, luv.

@M24 (8) : This is very cute, Source really improved the quality of their bsides starting from this mini. Yuju's high notes at the final chorus are probably the best part, it was great that they let her showcase her voice even for a cute song like this where vocals tend to be soft. It's also commendable that they had live vocals during one of their performances of this song too, not many groups do that these days.

@ysev (10) : The chorus!!! Such a rush of emotions.

What are your picks to leave before the top 70? Are there any songs you're still mourning like I am? Please stop calling for 'LOL' tracks by the way, you're hurting me!