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Definitely gonna join this, GRWM in Top 10 pleek

Aww, I genuinely adore Sowon, controversy and all. Considering she was in a group with five other main vocalists, she always managed to feel like an essential part of the group. Her leg-up move in the last chorus of MAGO is nothing short of iconic.

THIS! She really held her own and I can't imagine the group without her. That move in MAGO! What an iconic moment to go out on honestly. I also always enjoyed her parts in songs because I find her voice so warm and pleasant to listen to. Whenever I watch her in something or watch the videos attached to my post I just find her really endearing. I hope this next phase of her life goes super well for her and that she's just as successful on her chosen path as the other girls.

Our second member writeup is dedicated to Ms. Jung Yerin, everybody's favorite gummy princess. Born in August of '96, Yerin was raised in Incheon along with her older brother. In GFRIEND, she was known for her energy, her famous eye smile and carefree personality, earning the nickname 'ginseng', always giving her fellow members energy after their gruelling schedules.

Previously a Fantagio and a Cube trainee, she attended the School of Performing Arts in Seoul and graduated in 2015, the same year she would debut in GFRIEND under Source Music, back then a struggling agency. Second oldest member of the group, she wore multiple hats: face of the group, lead dancer, vocalist... There's nothing Yerin can't do! On top of that, the self proclaimed SHINee mega-stan also got some recognition for her variety skills. She is also close friends with Apink's Hayoung and Red Velvet's Joy, even sending them a coffee truck when Hayoung made her solo debut and Joy was promoting Umpah Umpah with RV. Always the social butterfly, she's also been seen hanging out with AOA's Choa and T-Ara's Jiyeon, both of whom she met during the taping of the show Beauty Time. Well-connected queen.

If I'm being completely honest, Yerin really wasn't on my radar when I first started to get into the group. I could see Sowon was the visual, Eunha the most recognizable member, Yuju the main vocalist, SinB the main dancer and Umji the maknae, but what exactly was Yerin's role? I just didn't care for her, but then something switched. I'm not even sure what or when it happened but I started paying more and more attention to her and from ironic stanning, she became my favorite member of the group. Her talent made her a very important part of GFRIEND, be it her vocals or dance abilities, and there's just something so... charming about Yerin. She's of course beautiful, but it goes beyond that. She has charisma for days without being intimidating, on the contrary. Yerin embodies the girl-next-door stereotype in the most perfect way for me. I can't ever forget the first time I saw the infamous clip of her trying to protect Sowon's innocence when the latter was wondering why some guys had toilet paper next to their computer fff

After GFRIEND's disbandment, Yerin signed with Sublime Artist Agency, home to many models and actors and a few singers like former Lovelyz member Yein. It also used to be the agency of legendary girl group members SNSD's Seohyun and T-Ara's Hyomin. It's pretty clear that despite being an accomplished singer and dancer, Yerin now yearns for something else. Set to star in not one but two web dramas, she's now forging her own path as an actress while doing the odd modelling shoot and serving looks on her personal instagram account. We can only wish her good luck and hope that one day, she decides to return to music, because I, for one, am going to miss seeing her perform.

Next up is the incredible Eunha, aka the best idol in the world! Stay tuned x

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I was just looking through the thread yesterday going “I don’t know if I can dive into this discography but I really want to…” and this extension will definitely help! Can’t promise anything, but I’m going to do my best to participate, unnie!