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GFRIEND - the discography rate ☾ #36

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, Jan 15, 2022.

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    Debuting in 2016 with the release of the mini album ‘Season of Glass’, GFRIEND is one of the few non-BIG 3 groups to gain both commercial and critical success in their too short lifetime. Known for their powerful innocence concept, at a time when girl crush and sexy sexy concepts were dominating the industry, they quickly carved their own path thanks to their talent, their hardworking and their always-on-point choreographies.

    After what is known as the School Trilogy (Glass Bead - Me Gustas Tu - Rough) was completed, GFRIEND expanded their sound with releases such as Fingertip, Summer Rain, Fever and Apple, while still keeping some of the elements that made them one of the most influential groups of their generation.

    Surprising everybody, GFRIEND disbanded in May 2021, before the end of their contract with Source Music and less than two years after their company, Source Music, was acquired by industry giant HYBE. Fear not though, their legacy still lives on and it’s now time for you Buddies and pure concept enthusiasts to decide what is their best song. Let’s walk on this flowery path together and let’s get rating!
    01. Give all 96 songs a score between 0 and 10, with ONE song getting an 11. Simple decimals points (.25, .5, .75) are allowed.

    02. Commentary is not mandatory but is greatly appreciated. Think Distance is an underrated gem? Tell us why!

    03. This rate is meant to celebrate GFRIEND, so do not troll. If their music isn't for you, it's better to abstain from participating!

    04. Once you’ve finished rating and writing your commentary, send your PM to both @savilizabeths and I. Please, use the PM-friendly songlist provided.

    Voting closes Monday, February 15th 2022 at 11:59 pm
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  2. [​IMG]

    1. Glass Bead - [MV]
    2. Neverland
    3. White

    1. Me Gustas Tu - [MV]
    2. Under the Sky
    3. One
    4. My Buddy

    1. Rough - [MV]
    2. Say My Name
    3. Luv Star
    4. Someday
    5. Trust

    1. Fall in Love
    2. Navillera - [MV]
    3. LOL
    4. Distance
    5. Water Flower
    6. Mermaid
    7. Sunshine
    8. Compass
    9. Click
    10. Gone With the Wind

    1. Hear the Wind Sing
    2. Fingertip - [MV]
    3. Contrail
    4. Please Save My Earth
    5. Rain in the Spring Time
    6. Crush

    1. Love Whisper - [MV]
    2. Ave Maria
    3. One Half
    4. Life is a Party
    5. Red Umbrella
    6. Falling Asleep Again

    1. Summer Rain - [MV]
    2. Rainbow

    1. Time for the Moon Night - [MV]
    2. Love Bug
    3. Flower Garden
    4. Tik Tik
    5. Bye
    6. You Are My Star

    1. Sunny Summer - [MV]
    2. Vacation
    3. Sweety
    4. Windy Windy
    5. Love iin the Air

    1. Sunrise - [MV]
    2. You Are Not Alone
    3. L.U.V
    4. Glow
    5. Our Secret
    6. Only 1
    7. Truly Love
    8. Show Up
    9. It's You
    10. A Starry Sky
    11. Love Oh Love

    1. Fever - [MV]
    2. Mr. Blue
    3. Smile
    4. Wish
    5. Paradise
    6. Hope

    1. Fallin' Light - [MV]
    2. Emotional Days
    3. Memoria - [MV]
    4. The Beginning of Love
    5. Flower - [MV]
    6. My My My!
    7. La Pam Pam
    8. Beautiful

    1. Labyrinth
    2. Crossroads - [MV]
    3. Here We Are
    4. Eclipse
    5. Dreamcatcher
    6. From Me

    1. Apple - [MV]
    2. Eye of the Storm
    3. Room of Mirrors
    4. Tarot Cards
    5. Crème Brûlée
    6. Stairs in the North

    1. MAGO - [MV]
    2. Love Spell
    3. Three of Cups
    4. GRWM
    5. Secret Diary
    6. Better Me
    7. Night Drive
    8. Wheel of the Year

    1. Letter in my Pocket
    2. Wanna Be
    3. Cheers (ZZAN)
    4. Oh Difficult (Sonar Pocket X GFRIEND) - [MV]


    Glass Bead
    Me Gustas Tu
    Under the Sky
    My Buddy
    Say My Name
    Luv Star
    Fall in Love
    Water Flower
    Gone With the Wind
    Hear the Wind Sing
    Please Save My Earth
    Rain in the Spring Time
    Love Whisper
    Ave Maria
    One Half
    Life is a Party
    Red Umbrella
    Falling Asleep Again
    Summer Rain
    Time for the Moon Night
    Love Bug
    Flower Garden
    Tik Tik
    You Are My Star
    Sunny Summer
    Windy Windy
    Love in the Air
    You Are Not Alone
    Our Secret
    Only 1
    Truly Love
    Show Up
    It’s You
    A Starry Sky
    Love Oh Love
    Mr. Blue
    Fallin' Light
    Emotional Days
    The Beginning of Love
    My My My!
    La Pam Pam
    Here We Are
    From Me
    Eye of the Storm
    Room of Mirrors
    Tarot Cards
    Crème Brûlée
    Stairs in the North
    Love Spell
    Three of Cups
    Secret Diary
    Better Me
    Night Drive
    Wheel of the Year
    Letter in My Pocket
    Wanna Be
    Cheers (ZZAN)
    Oh Difficult
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  4. My Buddies, you may post now!

    If there are any mistakes, blame it on the fact that it's almost 3am where I live and I should be sleeping ddd

    A quick note is that the Japanese songs don't appear to be on streaming, at least in my country. They are on the YT Playlist and I will link them in the song list post tomorrow to make it easier. If anyone knows any way to help with this issue then please let us know!
  5. Only JESUS knows how much I've waited for this. I'm peeing my pants.



    Oh you can be sure I will.
  6. I remember not caring for LOL like, at all in @Serg. ‘s rate, but Walpurgis was Album of the Century. Can’t guarantee I’ll participate but I’ll definitely use this rate as an opportunity to dive into their back catalogue a bitsy!
  7. If I can be extra and dramatic for one moment, their break-up was so painful that I haven’t been able to listen to their music ever since.

    This rate is the perfect opportunity to correct that, even though I’m well aware I’m going to be a wreck during my subsequent listens fff

  8. How exciting! I probably know about 70% of their material, and I can’t wait to familiarise myself with the rest!
    Bestie it looks like the Apple Music link goes to the Spotify playlist!
  9. Ah, love that for me. I will fix it in a little while. Thank you so much for pointing it out.
  10. I'm not taking part as I'm not a big fan of most of their discography but can someone 11 Labyrinth for me!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a hit a jam a SENSATION
  11. Hi I'm doing this because I like a few songs and my bestie is hosting.
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  12. My impact!
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  13. Your presence on rates is always iconic so yay!!!
  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  15. Keep an eye out for some Member Spotlights coming very soon to celebrate each girl, as they deserve.
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  16. [​IMG]
    yes, there will be an extension ddd
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  17. I will be posting the first member spotlight tomorrow! Sorry for the delay, offline life really gets in the way sometimes.

    I hope to see some of you in the DMs soon!
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  18. The way the Fever mini is just 10s all around. Some of the best K-pop to ever be released.
  19. [​IMG]

    Welcome to GFriend Member Spotlight, where we spend a little time focusing on and celebrating each member of the former group. First up, Miss Sowon.

    Kim So-jung, professionally known (at least until 2021) as Sowon - GFriend’s leader, visual, tallest member and…rapper, I guess? She was born in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul on December 7th, 1995, is an INFP and supposedly stands at 173cm, though that is highly debated and it is pretty widely believed that she might be even taller.

    Sowon had the longest training period of all GFriend members, starting her idol journey at DSP Media at the age of 15. While she was with the company, she appeared in the music video for Rainbow’s “To Me” in 2011. After roughly three years with DSP, Sowon moved to Source Music, where she trained for another year and a half before finally debuting in their new girl group, GFriend. As the oldest and member with the most training, she was a natural fit for the leader position and was also introduced as GFriend’s Golden Visual. The stage name Sowon means “wish” in Korean which I think is very cute.

    Though she has been criticised for her vocals in the past, there is no doubt that she has improved over her years as an idol, and that she is a very talented performer. Never forget the iconic 2018 KBS Song Festival performance of Hush in which she definitely shone. Her vocals aren’t the only thing she’s received backlash for, but we’re going to be kind and keep this positive.

    You can tell that she loved her time with the group and her members have praised her abilities as a leader. Eunha, SinB & Umji even said that they didn’t have a leader in VIVIZ because it would always be Sowon in their hearts. However, now that the group has disbanded, Sowon has decided to pursue acting. On August 2nd, 2021 it was announced that she had signed with IOK Company. She now goes by her birth name and has some lead roles lined up. Currently we know she will be starring in a romantic horror titled Chilling Together alongside Chanwoo from iKON and a horror titled 4:44 alongside Onew (SHINee), Jiae (Lovelyz), Nayoung (IOI/Pristin) & Sungyeol (INFINITE). The former is set to release this year and the latter has an unknown release date as of now. So, if you want to check out Sowon as an actress, look out for these!

    Despite everything, I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Sowon myself. I tend to enjoy her soft vocals and I enjoy watching her in behind the scenes clips & variety. Or maybe I just like looking at her because her visuals are definitely undeniable. Regardless, I wish her the best of luck in her acting career and am actually quite excited by the sound of the projects she’s working on. It seems the future is bright for her!

    Passing the baton to @junglefish to sing the praises of Miss Yerin. See you all next time!

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