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Gia Woods - Cut Season EP

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Zamin, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. New single "Hungry" coming Jan 31st.

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  2. New song tomorrow. I'm guessing "Cut Season" is the name of an EP/album?

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  3. 1:55? The kids are getting ridiculous with their streaming length singles.

    'Hungry' is alright, it bangs but feels very derivative.
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  4. Right? it's good but I was like all this for a song that's not even 2min.
  5. ‘Hungry’ is fine but ‘New Girlfriend’ and ‘One Big Party’ remain her best songs to date. Pretty excited to hear the EP, though. And I like that her label is investing in visuals, hiring Jenna Marsh and Joe Perez (ex-DONDA) for the cover.
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  6. HUNGRY is a bop and a half
  7. This is great.
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  8. EGO bops!
  9. Yas! Can’t wait for another bop.
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  10. I'm glad she isn't scrapping the whole campaign because of the poor performance of the previous singles but it doesn't look very promising, sadly. She has everything: great songs, amazing aesthetics, a vision...
  11. This project actually looks more promising than anything she's released since Only A Girl. One Big Party is really the only song I use from last year's stand alone singles and the two she's released for this EP are already performing better than some of those songs.

    It wouldn't make sense for an artist of her size to start scrapping things due to low numbers. She's still trying to build an audience.
  12. Also @2014 can we please change the thread title to "Gia Woods - Cut Season [EP]". I think it's time.
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