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Discussion in 'Forum business' started by ibelieve, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. I'd be interested to know what the stance is on gifs these days. If I recall correctly they were absolutely not allowed before. When the new forum came in people seemed to get away with sneaking a few in under a spoiler tag now and then, but now it just seems to be a free for all in some threads. It makes browsing the internet in work difficult when the pages are littered with RuPaul's Drag Race gifs.
  2. Thanks for perfectly illustrating what I consider to be a serious issue on this forum at the moment.
  3. Has anyone tried the Celebrity Big Brother GIFS? I thought the Celebrity Big Brother GIFS were lovely.
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  4. Can you link a single instance of this happening? Ever?
  5. kal


  6. Littered, not glittered.
  7. kal


    My post wasn't meant as an example. Twas just sarcasm.
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  8. My reply was in equally comic tone.
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    Heya! The stance on gifs at the moment is that they're fine in Off Topic, not so much in the main Pop & Justice forum, but obviously if posters feel they are receiving gif responses in a bad tone (such as @AmbivalentToBritney's post, for instance) then we as mods will look into whether or not this rule will need updating again.

    We also don't want to see posters getting away with solely posting with gifs, again we'll further discuss the gif rule if needed. Hope this helps! xx
  10. There are seven gifs on this page alone. The Pop & Justice section has been filled with them recently. I normally don't care about stuff like this, but unless the rule is enforced more strictly, we may as well log onto ATRL or PopHatesFlops.
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  11. While we're at it, let's get rid of streaming being included in the charts xx
  12. Bring back 1.99 CD singles please xo
  13. What's the story with Giphy gifs not working? It's the ones that when you click open image in a new tab say "Via NecessaryVoodoo on Giphy" or whoever the case may be they get posted like (IMG) It's very disheartening when I've gone to the trouble of making a Nana/Gemma/Danniella gif only for it not to show up!
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  14. You have to make sure the direct link is directing to the image file itself.

    If you just post the short-urls or even I think non-image file format ending (some hosting sites end up displaying huge .gifs as video formats), it won't display properly when you try to embed it.

    For example:
    Just shows as:

    Will show us:

    Despite these links:
    leading to the same gif.

    The first links to a web page displaying the gif though while the second links directly to the file.
  15. 10/10.
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