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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Inspired by mucho recent watching and someone-on-here's avatar, who else loves Gimme Gimme Gimme (the TV show)?

    "Now if you were to ask for the advice of a former prostitute..."

    I'd love to see a fourth series.
  2. LOVE. IT.

    I was so upset when it finished and was convinced there'd be a fourth series, but alas. The ending of the third series was simultaneously the funniest and saddest thing ever.

    There are so many brilliant episodes, I couldn't pick a favourite, but I adore the scene when Linda screams "OH GET OUT OF MY WAY!" and pushes a pregnant Suze in the stomach, knocking her to the floor.
  3. So many good moments. I love it in the first series I think when they have a dinner party and they all sing football songs and Suze sings "Who ate all the pies?" at Linda.
  4. LOVE it, as does my grandmother. One of my alltime favourite comedies.
  5. My favourite bit is when Linda's got the baby doll in the street: "Linda loves you... YA' BITCH!! *slap*" Also, when she's skipping happily across the road and smacks someone in the face with her bag or something. Brilliant. Kathy Burke is ace, I love her.

    I've got the boxset (it was £15 about four years ago; bargain!) and I haven't watched it for ages, but it holds a very special place in my heart.
  6. It was amazing, it's a shame it only had a cult following. Kathy once mentioned an upcoming stage version, I wonder what became of that?
  7. Oh yes! One of my favourite sitcome ever. Kathy Burke is one of my favourite people to have ever stepped foot on this planet though. Love her!

    My cousin's wife is so much like her, it's frightening.
  8. The amount of quotes i've put on YouTube clips of the show is enough to fill a cinema!

    The most bizarre thing was definately in the last episode,(where Linda's hair is a wig.)
  9. I really want to see this again now! I loved it when Kathy Burke finally won an award for it and said something along the lines of: 'Everyone said it was shit and no fucker watched it but we had a bloody good laugh making it'.

    Good acceptance speech.
  10. This is one of my favourite comedy series. I'm banned from watching it (and Ab FAb) when my boyfriend is home because I know all the episodes word for word.

    "I'm stuck, I'm stuck, my bum's too big for the hole. I'm stuck, i'm stuck, my legs are rapped right round this pole..."

    "Mummy always said that men like moist lips..."

    the list is endless!
  11. "This is the only job you get paid to do something you love,"
    "Well that's bollocks, what about prostitutes?"

  12. "We wash this many dishes in ordinary liquid... AND THIS MANY DISHES IN FAAAAAIRY LIQUID!!!"
  15. The Su Pollard episode is LEGENDARY.

    "What's he gonna look like with a chimney on her? Come on Linda, join in with me"

    "And what was his financial situation Thomas?"
  16. One of my fave comedies too.
    "Mummy always said.....think like a slut...dress like a slut"

    Sound advice.
  17. GGG is one of my favourite shows ever, but like PopBrit my boyf bands me from watching it to due to the fact I've seen the shows so many times I know it almost word from word. Despite me knowing it so well though it's still fucking hilarious and I'm currently re-reading the script book which is great.

    'Me thinks I have a cunning stunt!'
  18. The answer machine is the best! "Ello leave a message"

    "Hi Cats,
    Thanks for last night...

    I didn't like series 3 as much as the first two.
    The millenium special was bloody hillarious, my cousin taped it as we watched it and we just kept rewinding it and re-watching it all night after that.
  19. Tom: How do you talk like that?
    Lindy: Lyke wot?
    Tom: Like a navvy in drag.
  20. (Linda puts on a god awful pink cat suit, with helmet. Stretchy. And hideous)

    Linda: 'Ere, 'ow do i look?
    Tom: Like a vibrator.
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