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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by maxmartin, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. So just heard the new Gina G single, Tonight is the Night.
    Awesome dance song! Apparently its out at the beginning of October...
  2. written by a great writer who is working with me at the moment on some new tracks... just to give you a taste ... ... i heard the track a while back now, its a nice little dance tune for her!

    Armand Deluxe
  3. wasn't it sent to clubs way back in april?
  4. yeah, long time ago... to be honest I thought it had it's shelf life already, but not being in the UK, I never know these days...
  5. you're 12 months too late, this song was first performed july 2005 and was meant to come out a long time ago. "tonights the night" will never get released now and i'd be surprised if gina g ever got ANYTHING in the shops again.
  6. adz


    i like this song but yeah, it's hardly new and it's had so many different release dates. The same goes for "Nobody Like You" for K-Llo.
  7. Tonight's The Night (In a slightly different guise) was originaly performed by her at London Pride thingy back in 2005, promising it would be out in August (Of that year). As someone said, promos were sent out early this year (March/April) and it went to number 1 in one of those pointless DJ Pop charts. It's not going to happen. She isn't signed to a label and without the financial backing (Remeber, she only had one big hit which due to legal wranglings she never actually made a penny from) she's a bit screwed. No doubt she'll be playing the gay clubs thanks to Ooh Aah for many years to come though.
  8. I feel duty bound to point out that Gina had five hits, three of which made the Top 10. Although I agree it'd be easier for Gina to win the Five Nations Rugby Championship than to propel "Tonight's the Night" up the charts.

  9. pointless pop dj charts, I agree, but the record labels are fucked up, if you don't get a number 1 or top 20 there.... they won't even touch you... a shame...
  10. Cant do any worse than being signed to All Around The World , What she needs is a great video and not a shit green screen video ( cue AATW ).
  11. God loves a trier. Shame the record buying public don't care so much.
  12. oh god bless her, eh?

    No matter what she keeps trudging away. Surely she must have some income from all the PA's she does. In a way, there is something inspiring about the fact that she seems to low all her own money into her musical career, keeping it about as real as you can get really.

    Alhtough the charts are surely closed to her I hope she is still knocking about the club circuit for a long time.
  13. SBK


    Well promotion officially starts tomorrow i guess, cause the videos going onto the box preplay...

    Poor Lisa Scott-Lee couldnt even get electric on pre play!

    Im not sure who's funding gina, but she seems to have a lot of promotion (instore signings, meet and greets, pa's etc) planned from what I understand.
  14. Interesting... maybe she has marries a rich fella who is indulging his wife's popstar dream.

    I hope that is the case.
  15. Actually, now you mention it, she is married and I seem to recall seeing somewhere he was some American multi-millionaire cos she had relocated to Florida with Baby G... hmm...
  16. Excellent!
  17. i gotta get me one of them florida men...
  18. It's wonderful to finally see some momentum - as vulnerable as that statement leaves me to ridicule, she has a Myspace with a schedule of P.A's for christ's sake.  She could suprise people with the level of interest, but it's what she does with it.  Tonight Is The Night could benefit from a Paul Van Dyk remix for commercial release (I am being serious);  she needs an adept, discerning producer to elevate her, and provide a necessary edge, as Motiv8 and Metro did so wonderfully all those years ago. 

    The unique imagery of those emphatically frothy tracks capture my imagination like few others, and against my better judgement, I still have (blind) faith in Gina G.  She has a flair and charm that I'm a sucker for, and in the face of tragedy and naff campness, she reigns supreme.

    I only wish she would have a proper skin-peeling, blisteringly bitter autobiography, as I still don't fully understand how she was brought to (Eurovision) ruin.  Anyways, she seems to reply to her myspace trolls like a wimpering Nikki French pondering the skidmarks engraved in her coagulated cellulite, so 1 can guess what I'll be cooking up over the next day or 2.
  19. Ive heard some of the remixes and the moto blanco remix has got a really funky disco house vibe and the Klub kids has a bit of a dirty electro feel. Looking foward to seeing the video.
  20. oh my god, i just love the video! Here's hoping it'll do ok for her!
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