Gina G

Guessing not as she's put up her dates on the website and it's not on there. She is doing Nightingale the Saturday after the single is released and is doing a signing there so suppose she could do the Saturday before it comes out. Will be interesting to see if she manages to get it on iTunes etc. or even in stores as I believe it's coming out on here own label?


MilkyBarKid said:
Gina G is the Lisa Scott-Lee of the 90's...

It may well have turned out that way, but at the time of her success I can't equate 2m album sales, 3 UK tops ten's and an American #11 with being the Lisa Scott-Lee of the 90's.
Oh, I don't think it's fair to compare Gina with Lisa Scott-Lee.

By the way, according to Lisa Scott-Lee's website, she's now available for bookings (ala Nicki French) - but there's a warning "Lisa cannot be booked for birthday partys are weddings" - quite.
She is indeed doing G-A-Y on the 30th September!

and how rude comparing her to Lisa scott-lee...

Lisa would sell her first born for two million album sales... in fact probably just for 'album sales'
I'm definitely going to g-a-y to see her. I'm even more excited about that than about seeing Jamelia there and inevitably hearing Beware Of The Dog.

Apparently she put on a wicked show at London Pride in summer 2005.
Yeah i saw that show , I think she had sometning like 18 dabcers all as egyptians or something.

I have got to give it to Gina if you wnat a show then she knows how to deliver .

Roll on G-A-Y . x
They played the video for Tonight's The Night at g-a-y late on Wednesday night. Along with the new ones from Jamelia and Lily Allen.


I'm going to see her in Edinburgh, then Billie Ray Martin the following night in Glasgow - what a great weekend that is going to be.  If Gina made the top 20 I would be over the moon: I just hope she has some TV performances planned.
I'm going to see Billie Ray Martin too! I hope she plays your username UnDisco Me. Where is Gina of the G playing in Edinburgh? Please dont say Blaze...


voodoogregor said:
I'm going to see Billie Ray Martin too! I hope she plays your username UnDisco Me. Where is Gina of the G playing in Edinburgh? Please dont say Blaze...

She's playing at St. Andrews Uni, it's on her myspace.  I'm persuading a friend to come to both.  Missing she-Martin a few months ago was a sore point for me, with comical drama coming from missing my MAC consultation when someone cancelled on me. 

I hope she plays that song, too, I don't understand why some fans aren't so keen - it's like the whole of disco is crumbling in her hands like ash ... all the moaning and "all the suckers are all the same" is just glorious. I wonder if she's approachable to talk to..
Well when she was Djin at The Arches some girl took her picture on a digicam. From behind the decks she demanded she see the result. Her face contorted and she deleted the picture before handing the camera back.
Does she not sing "All the samples are all the same?"


ysaferrer said:
What a bad song!! Its no 'Everytime I Fall', is it?

With Everytime I Fall in mind, Gina is only ever a remix away from being magnificent.  Sure, I think Tonight's The Night is a tad tame (remember the explosive latin sounds in some of those Ti Amo remixes?), but at least she's admirably trying to do what she does best.  Flamenco-influenced dance-pop is always welcome in my book.

Just seen the video for "Tonights the Night" on B4 - its quite fab!! Its now also on YouTube....

...I dont know, I just havent got good feelings, want it to do well, but no.28 keeps on springing to mind!!

What does everyone else reckon?