Gina G



I dont want her to flop, because that would feel like another death for the 90s.

But there's something awfully dated about the song?

Sigh, Gina!!
I do like it! But its not like shes actually gonna be doing any promotion for it (unless you count the video on the music channels)
Yikes. I just watched the video and, well, I wasn't expecting to actually like it....

Granted, it's very gay-dance-pop 90's, which I happen to love -- but let's face it, there's no future in it. Still, I have to hand it to Gina G.: the production is glossy and doesn't sound cheap, the video looks like a real video (and manages to be intentionally humorous and engaging), and overall, well, I'm charmed. Dare I say, it's just a skitch more fun than Dannii's last single.

I shall be rooting for Gina G.
She had her 15 minutes a decade ago, most of her fans have moved on, and given how both she and her music have aged really badly it's unlikely she'll win any new ones.

So in short, yes, she is going to flop.
but no.28 wouldn't actually be a bad result all things considered. It would be amazing just to see the woman back in the top 40 after so many years. She won't ever be back in the top 10 again though.
its a good sounding single though and a good video however from mates I know who are models if you were that consistantly shit on a catwalk you'd not work in another fashion show again.

Seeing her fall over made me think of when I made her stagger / trip a little when I saw her in Birmingham. In a moment of spontaneous drunk kleptomania I thought itd be cool to try to steal a little silver disc off Ms G's dress after she finished her set. She walked past me on the stage, I tugged but the buggar was on damn well and it sort of made her wobble a bit in her post performance march off stage.
Depends whats classed as a flop, I'd like to see her top twenty with it, but I don't know how shes going to promote it.

Theres no real TV shows like there was back in the 90s to go on and be interviewed and perform on.

And PA's will only sell so many records... At least its on the box
Video is quite good, but the song just isn't strong enough. Sounds like a LSL b-side. Verses are OK but the chorus... nah.
kevinandverity said:
I dont want her to flop, because that would feel like another death for the 90s.

It's been six years since the 90s.

Gina G is a one hit wonder who has gone on for wayyyy too long. Nice hit though.


Video is amazing considering there are a lot of extras, and it is quite classy and non-cheapo-AATW-looking at all.

Top 40 is amazing if she gets there.

A favourable, say, Celebrity Big Brother appearance with a Ohh Ahh 2006 remix as a double A Side and pronto, a Top 10 hit for Miss G!
Random video but do like it though. Really not what I was expecting and I can already see her GAY set being based around it - hopefully she will fall in the crowd too.

I'd like to say no, but given the record label is the same as Nicki French, I do have my fears.

Fingers crossed it'll be a top twenty tho, we need more power pop hits!
The song is very very Dannii, isn't it? (Or 'X featuring Dannii' perhaps).
Agreed that the video is excellent - in a rubbish concept, well executed kind of way.

Has she had plastic surgery, or is it a case of a lot of airbrushing and/or heavy makeup? Didn't she used to have freckles?

[edit] No she didn't, it was the red hair that threw me.
She is doing a P.A. at Poptastic in Manchester this month - of course, she is going to flop.

Anyway - have you forgotten the Protractor of Doom?
Gina G surely isnt really about comercial success is she? She probably knows full well that this sort of thing is unlikely to set the charts alight but as long as it keeps her afloat and doing what she loves she'll be happy.

God, the video really is much better than it ought to be isnt it? That rich husband of hers is really pushing the boat out...
i agree there is something about her.

she can't sing very well.
she's not a great performer.

and yet there's something about her. wth is it? (and don't say a rich husband!)