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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by maxmartin, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. I often wonder how the first big comeback planned for Autumn 2003 would have gone, with These Boots Are Made For Walking and Heaven. They were both great songs (Boots is one of my favourite things she’s done and I believe Heaven was originally meant for Lisa Scott Lee) but then she had her first baby which derailed her plans somewhat.
  2. Wow when you start a thread 10 years ago then casually revisit to having missed several years of gold Gina chat. Damn.

    So I came to share the potentially explosive news that I have this...


    Opened it and the CD is missing. I literally do not lose things so I'm completely devastated. This was an incredible gem in my expansive and I would say globally complete Gina collection.

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  3. Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 17.10.07.png
  4. That’s like the holy grail!
  5. Darn when I saw the thread pop up I thought there was news! @cjwhite1 do you have any other Gina rarities?
  6. Oh god don't, I literally can't believe it's gone! I can describe each track from memory if that's any use.

    Not as in music I don't think... lots in terms of physical items! An impressive Asian CD collection and the relatively elusive remix album.
  7. I was never that impressed with Affection but the Sick Robot mix of Boots is my favourite track by her!
  8. Same, Affection was pretty basic Fresh 2.0 fodder. Can't say Boots is a massive fav for me but it always seemed like an excellent choice for a Gina cover.
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  9. I feel for you, I really do! Boots was a great cover version, but could have been taken to the next to level. I've never heard Affection, though.

    I always wanted the extended version of Flashback that she had streaming on her website at the time, it sounded awesomely cheesey!
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  10. 22 years to the day since this masterclass in 90s pop was released.
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  11. I think you'll find it 23!
  12. Lol, I was talking about the album!
  13. SBK


    It was released March 5th. Ooh ahh was 23 years today.
  14. Can someone solve this mystery for me?... I have a vague memory of a Gina G remix, or it could be an album track (but I don't think so), where she (or the backing singers) sing "I'm fascinated by your love boy..." in the outro?" (in the style of the Company B song 'Fascinated')... Any ideas what I am on about?
  15. I feel like I heard it somewhere too.

    I had a quick listen at some of the album tracks and mixes but couldn't find it. Maybe it was a different artist?
  16. It could be! Thanks for checking though.
  17. I’m selling my signed copy of Get Up & Dance on eBay if anyone is interested.

    Not sure if I’m allowed to post the link but I’m sure you’ll find it.

    On another note, her label really made some great choices when it came to remixes - especially the Metro ones.
  18. I am sure this has been posted before but these are my favourite Gina G moments (plus the Todd Terry pop mix from the same CD single)

    and this dub is so cool.....Gina does dub speed garage.

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  19. I found out that she is now an interior designer for people wanting to sell their homes in LA!
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  20. Haha can she get her second album back online whilst inbetween interior design jobs?!
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